Break The Chain of Domestic Violence

 Break the Chain of Domestic Violence Is A One Act Play

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12 million people (including men, women, and children) are known to be victims of domestic violence in America each year, according to recent statistics. Our intent in publishing the Break the Chain script again today is to raise awareness about both the problem and potential sources of help for both the abused and the abuser. I created, staged, copyrighted and performed in it, in 1990, sponsored by Volunteers of America, at a homeless shelter. The audience included both abusers and abused people, all of whom gave a positive response about how it helped them understand the issues and what could be done to correct the behaviors. As a short play, it provides a great introduction to a panel discussion, an interview, or a question and answer session as part of the program.

You may purchase copies which will be sent to you via electronic mail or in hard copies, as you prefer. See the details about Break The Chain below:  Script Summary, Scene Setting, and Payment Options.

“Break the Chain” Script Summary

The title of this play refers to the chain of violence transmitted from generation to generation. It features a mother, whose son appears at school with bruises and has many absences. This pattern causes the school counselor to believe there is domestic violence in the household, and she tries to intervene.

As the mother struggles with feelings of being trapped and having no way out, she starts to overcome her denial that the situation is dangerous. One also can see the cycle being perpetuated, as her daughter begins to “act out” on a doll.

The action among actors is followed by a narrator, who provides more education about the cycle of violence and describes when, in the cycle, it is most likely that people can Break The Chain.

The script does mention actual locations in Virginia and nationally where help can be found for “battered women” and their children. However, it is intended to be updated with current statistics and the names and contact information pertinent to the local area where the play is being performed. For that purpose, I have included some links at the end of the script, where current additional information can be found.  The script should not be altered, other than to incorporate helpful resources for domestic violence issues in your area. Copyright licensing details accompany the scripts upon purchase.

Break The Chain Scene Settings

The scenes are minimal:

  • Scenes 1 & 3 take place in the family’s living room;
  • Scene 2 takes place in a school counselor’s office, with a phone and two chairs facing the counselor’s desk/chair.
  • Scene 4: can be on a bare stage (preferably with a podium) or with the narrator standing in front of the darkened last scene.

Click on     Area Agency on Aging for events related to Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, 2015.


Break The Chain Script & Payment Options

  • If you do not use PayPal, I can email or snail mail the scripts, upon receipt and clearance of your payment (by cash, Cashier’s Check, or check). I do not accept credit card payments other than through PayPal.
  • eScript Digital Edition of scripts can be viewed only on personal devices, like computers
  • with eReaders. They may not and cannot be printed. You may purchase a single copy.
  • eScript Printable Editions are printable scripts, which are available with performances only. The number of printed copies that you are allowed will correspond to the number of printable editions that you order.  eScript Printable Editions have a minimum number of copies that must be ordered, based on cast size.
  • For Break The Chain, the minimum number of eScript Printable Edition or hard copies you can order is six (6):   (for 5 cast members and the Director).  You may need more to include copies for a Stage Manager, Production Assistants,  etc.
  • The price is $10 per script above the minimum order of 6/$60 for commercial enterprises. A 10% discount is given for proven non-profit organizations.
    • Under copyright law, you may not copy or otherwise reproduce the material; so you need to purchase the number of scripts you will need for a performance.
    • There are 5 characters in the play (2 women; 1 boy; 1 younger girl; and a narrator).  Keep in mind the need for the Director, Stage Manager, and any Production Assistants, Lighting, and other staff to have scripts.
  • There is a $20 charge for shipping and handling if hard copies are ordered. Note: the cost may be more if I’m shipping more than 10 copies or shipping outside the USA.
  • A 10%  discount may be given to non-profits (which provide a copy of the IRS letter confirming non-profit status and the current business license).

Commercial Rates

Number of copies


Proven Non-Profit Rates (with your IRS documentation only)

Number of copies

Shipping and Handling, if you want hard copies.

Cost may be more, if I’m shipping more than 10 copies or shipping outside the USA.

Break The Chain

Thank you for your interest.  By raising people’s consciousness about how domestic violence works, I hope we can help BREAK THE CHAIN!

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