Business Training and Seminars

Business Training and Seminars

I have developed and presented training and seminars, with accompanying handout materials and manuals, throughout my career. Many were done as animated PowerPoint presentations with links to websites for additional resource information. Others were done as auditable documentation. The first three samples (below)  are training and seminars done for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA); however, I also have created and presented training materials for private companies, non-profits, and individuals, as well as for higher education and for my own interests in social issues and wellness modalities. I currently teach a series on Basic Business and Computing Skills for beginners who may be afraid of computers or simply are unaware of how to use them for social media or basic documents.

Examples of Training and Seminars

  • Automated procurement systems – Commonwealth of VA   (eVA)
  • Auditable financial processes – Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards    (ARMICS).  Audits also were done by multiple state and other agencies/departments.
  • Emergency operations policies, procedures, and mitigation in accordance with the National Incident Management System  (NIMS)
  • How To Start A Business (and related topics, with extensive notes in English and Spanish)
  • Scripts   about AIDS and homelessness (performed for my non-profit, Variety Pack)
  • Comprehensive human resources policies and procedures manual.  I actually created and instituted the entire department for an audio/visual services company in New York City.
  • Gardening –  “Never Lose Another Plant”
  • Overviews of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Overviews and individual affirmations, visualization, and meditation.

Details about these training and seminar presentations are below.



For Northern Virginia Community College

Unfortunately, these Power Point presentations were lost during computer crashes. They involved copywriting, incorporation of video clips, and animated Power Point techniques, as well as my conducting the seminars or classes. In lieu of the presentations, the following is a description of them.

Emergency Management Training

cop_running_anim_300_clr_5574As the person responsible for development and execution of all Manassas campus emergency procedures (as well as for the police department), I trained faculty and staff on emergency management procedures.

The training consisted of Power Point presentations, flyers, brochures, wallet-size quick reference cards, and Word document handouts, requiring consistency throughout.

This included very complex organization charts and pert charts, depicting the National Incident Management System   (NIMS)   procedures mandated for all federal, state, county, local and tribal officials to follow.

I also authored the College’s first manual on police and emergency operations (SOP), which was used as a model in other state agencies, having been recommended by the state emergency management official who reviewed them, as well as by local first responding agencies.

Procurement of Goods and Services via Mandated eVA System

stick_figure_drawing_flow_chart_800_clr_2108eVA   is a very cumbersome, user-unfriendly, but Governor-mandated system for procurement of goods and services for all Commonwealth agencies.  All vendors, contracted with the Commonwealth for remuneration, must use this system; and all state employees, who want to procure goods or services, also must use it.

  • I created and provided training about eVA policies and procedures to the entire Manassas campus (faculty, staff and administrators).


  • This training was developed “from scratch” under extremely tight deadlines. With no foreknowledge of the procedures, I had to learn the system; then create the teaching tools on how to use the system (from the perspectives of both the state agency employees and external vendors); and then I had to teach the system.
  • This had to be done in addition to all my full-time job responsibilities.
  • I was commended frequently by the Director of Procurement and Materiel as having the best presentation of all six Business Managers/campuses.

People Soft Financials Tutorial for Accepting Tuition Payments

shushing_cell_phone_user_pc_400_clr_3746As one of the people selected to beta test a financials software system for tuition payments, I created a Power Point document to teach my staff how to process payments for tuition and fees.

Northern Virginia Community College has more than 75,000 students. I was responsible for directing the processing over $89M of credit card plus additional cash payments each year for tuition and fees, and the training had to be without flaw.  In part, this involved creating and inserting screen shots from the software system into Word and into Power Point documents. It was a step-by-step tutorial.

I also created a Word document table-style, step-by-step tutorial for all processes and procedures (involving office procedures, not just software procedures) which would be audited by state officials and independent auditors.

Created On-line Orientation for Manassas Campus Employees

Scripts for Video and a Play

applause_text_anim_300_clr_6942I have written service award-winning scripts for two video productions and a play about domestic violence.

The productions were:

Prince William County Better Beginnings Coalition

(Interviews &Video for Cable Television)

stick_figure_camera_pc_800_clr_2310The script was for a project which involved biographical interviews of three women (Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic) who were leaders and pioneers in settling Prince William County and helping it grow into multiple, thriving communities.

The script also included narrations about the history of the County to tie the on-camera interviews together.

For this project, I received a Service Award in 2002 from the Prince William County Commission for Women.

Greater Prince William Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition (video project)

  • The script was about teen pregnancy prevention.
  • It also provided a Prince William County counseling and medical resource directory

Domestic Violence Coalition (a one-act play)

  • The script, entitled, “Break The Chain” was about the cyclical behavior of violence, apologies, and renewed power plays resulting in violence that are associated with domestic violence.
  • The play used actors I trained and was staged by Volunteers of America, in Woodbridge, VA.



poor and coinsThese monologues are based on my interviews with real people at the Community for Creative Non-Violence ( CCNV) shelter in Washington, D.C. and are grouped into a play book, called, 3 Hots and a Cot.

These scripts were performed before educational, religious, and civic organizations, as well as for member of Congress and Governor Wilder’s Conference on Housing and Homelessness. One script was entered into the Congressional Record, and most of them were made a part of the record at the National Archives. In addition, they were performed on Fairfax County cable television, which re-ran them for some years.

I also customized the scripts into a one-act play, which was performed by the Fauquier County Community Theater, and which starred some of my homeless actors, as well as another actor portraying me.

For the performances, as well as the volunteer work, I won the following awards.

  • Who’s Who in American Education, 1995
  • International Woman of the Year Award, 1994
  • Who’s Who of American Women Award, 1994, 1995
  • Who’s Who of International Business & Professional Women – Hall of Fame Award, 1993, 1994
  • Women Making A Difference Award (Channel 8 cable television) 1990
  • The Governor’s Gold Medal Award, 1990
  • The One and Only Channel Nine (WUSA-TV) Award, 1990
  • The American Jefferson Award, 1990 (Part of the Points of Light initiative by President Bush.)

A summary may be found on my website:, and the playbook is available for purchase.


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