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My new series of seminars and workshops, entitled “Envision Enhanced Vision.”

smiley face - surpriseDid you know that each “personality” – in a person with multiple personality disorder – had different vision and the shape of the eyes change?!  This points to the fact that only about 10% of vision is a function of the physical eyes, muscles, etcetera; and most of sight is determined by the mind and sub-conscious, including fears and beliefs. Tension results in contraction, and eye sight issues can result from prolonged or acute circumstances involving these emotions.

  • Emotionally, this is a contraction – a pulling in to shut out pain or danger – like a turtle, pulling in its head and legs to be safe within its shell. Sub-Conscious: Purpose: Preserve Life, Health, and Safety.
  • About 40% of the American population is near-sighted.
  • Poor eyesight can be caused by extreme tension, which also may affect blinking functions.
  • “Muscular Armoring” results from tension in eye muscles – the body is trying to build barriers to protect the mind and emotions from anger, fear, memories, etc.
  • Only about 10% of vision occurs in the eyes; 90% is a function of the optic center in the brain (in the occipital lobe, which is part of our subconscious and regulates our automatic (or involuntary) functions (like digesting food, breathing, etc.).

Envision Enhanced Vision – What Can Help?

  • Chanting While Watching Something In Motion
  • Counseling, Life-Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Release Techniques / Affirmations / Creative Visualization / HypnoMeditations
  • Exercise (aerobic = traditional or easy (chi machine)
  • Exercises – using eyes only
  • Life Balancing Acts (work/personal time) (taking 5’ breaks from screens every 20 minutes)
  • Mediation
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition (and specific vitamins and minerals)  (list included here)
  • Reiki, Massage, etc.
  • Tension Release – emphasis on shoulder/neck and eye muscle release; SMILING, too.

Vitamins A, E, and D & Minerals and Trace Minerals

Dark green leafy fresh vegetables

Dark green leafy fresh vegetables in metal colander

Chromium. Chromium may improve vision by playing a role in muscle contraction, which helps focus the eyes.

Copper. This mineral produces collagen, which is a component of the connective tissues, and it keeps cell membranes healthy. Both of which are crucial to eye health, but be careful of copper as too much of it can be toxic. Check with your doctor to find out more about the amount of copper that is suitable for you and your body.

Magnesium. Protects against glaucoma and has even been known to improve vision in patients who already have glaucoma. It is also important in nerve conduction, dilating blood vessels and maintaining blood flow to the eye.

Selenium. Known for boosting the immune system and fighting off infections, this antioxidant helps to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration by reducing free radicals that can damage the eye. – See more 

Zinc. Has been shown to slow down the onset of macular degeneration. Zinc also protects tissues and strengthens eye cells. Protecting against swelling and cloudiness of the cornea is another function of zinc. See more

                                                                            Source: Healing Center Dharma

Envision Enhanced Vision – Seed Thoughts

Book: Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, The Language of the Body/Mind Connection, by Barbara Hoberman Levine, p. 50

smiley face sunflowerA “seedthought” is a significant catalyst for a physical or emotional response. A seed thought is a thought you think frequently that either emanates from, or creates, your core beliefs. Just as the apple core contains seeds that sprout into an apple tree, you have, at your core, beliefs which shape you.”

Make your seed thoughts and core beliefs serve your highest good!

“Core beliefs are the basic assumptions and ideas upon which your everyday thoughts and actions are based. These deeply held values lead to almost reflex-like, knee-jerk actions in response to circumstances and events in your life. You may not be conscious of (them….but they) affect every part of your being, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Core beliefs can be altered by consciously choosing seed thoughts.”

Envision Enhanced Vision – Eye Issues and Affirmations

Book:  You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay, pp. 190-191


  • “Eye Problems = Not liking what you see in your own life.” | Affirmation: “I now create a life I love to look at.”
  • “Nearsighted: Fear of the future.” | “I accept Divine guidance and am always safe.”
  • In contrast, “Farsighted: Fear of the present.” | “I am safe in the here and now. I see that clearly.”
  • Children – not wanting to see what’s going on in the family. | “Harmony, joy, beauty, and safety now surround me (this child).”

Our Primary Resource For The Envision Enhanced Vision Class

Book: Hypno-Vision, The New Natural Way to Vision Improvement, by Lisette Scholl

seeing eyeLisette Scholl created a number of HypnoVision programs to help people prevent or correct eyesight issues. For example, she sets out an 8 week program, which includes 2 full HypnoVision sessions of 20-30 minutes each. One is done in the morning and one in the evening. You will be changing your attitudes and belief systems about your sight and the ability of your brain to correct eyesight.

You may record the scripts, so that you can enter more deeply into the state in which you can change your beliefs and patterns toward achieving good sight. As you work on sight, it is quite likely your Insight also will improve, as the same (Third Eye) chakra is being utilized.

She recommends using massage, along with the HypnoVisioning and has embedded different massages for each week’s meditation. She also provides “mini-sessions” to be done in between longer sessions and uses techniques, like “cupping” and “palming,” as do many other professionals.

As with all changes in habits, repetition is critical (both in terms of daily practice and repetition of words or phrases). She recommends keeping a journal of your experiences, as you go through the highs and lows of any major changes in your patterns.)

Along with other holistic healing practitioners, she recommends you discontinue using eyeglasses whenever possible, as your eyes/mind become dependent on them, rather than correcting the causes of the eye symptoms. Always do the HypnoVision exercises without wearing glasses.

Relaxation is the primary KEY to success in overcoming vision problems, since it is tension and avoidance of painful issues, which constrict and contract the systems which operate eyesight.

Envision Enhanced Vision – Eye Exercises

Bodypainting project: art, fashion, beauty

Bodypainting project: art, fashion, beauty

Publication: Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses, By Dr. William H. Bates, who found that stress or tension is the cause of faulty seeing and that relaxation is the key to better vision. He made recordings and created exercises with the following key components:

  • Relax the Eyes and Mind
  • Improve Memory, Imagination, and Visualization – keys to improving the mental aspect of seeing.
  • Teach the Eyes To Shift Properly.
  • Provide charts to give feedback to the brain about how the practices are working.

Some of the physical exercises he (and other professionals) recommends include:

  • Sunning (in early morning or evening sunlight or with light bulb) – initially with eyes closed, and, in subsequent session, with them parted. Controversial; can argue both sides of the case.
  • Palming
  • Swinging arms
  • “Staring defeats good vision, for the eyes see clearly only by continuous small scale shifting.” He recommends techniques, like:
    1. Looking for the outlines of objects – it is the edges or outline that defines an object.
    2. Counting things which form patterns, like window panes or telephone poles, patterns in rugs or in leaves. It is not the counting that matters. It is having the eye shift from small new place to small new place, to teach it and the brain to scan, not to be in a fixed position, like a stare.
  • Using Alphabetized charts – similar to the Snellen eye charts, but in alpha order, so one is not straining to read the unknown, but can relax, knowing what should be seen and whether it is. As vision improves, near-sighted people can move the large chart farther away, and far-sighted people can move it closer.
  • Flashing – looking at an object for an instant and then closing the eyes and recalling it. See the Domino chart
  • Fusion exercises – Tying a string or rope to an object 10 -15 feet away, and having your eyes follow from the tip of your nose to the length of it and return repeatedly.

These are just some of the concepts and exercises we explore and practice in my sessions. Feel free to contact me for more information or join my Meetup group, called Meet Your Self! Stay tuned for more information on this website, too.

Thank you for Sharing Life With Me.

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