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How To Give An Extraordinary Invitation

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Hello, People! Unless you’re into metaphysics, it’s not that I think you’ll be interested in the topic discussed in the video I’m about to show you. However, you might be interested in the kinds of things a person can do when creating a Power Point to Video conversion. You could create an unusual themed invitation or announcement, which is elegant, funny, technical, or anything else, regardless of whether it is for business or personal purposes. Just pick a theme and let’s work with it! Here are a couple of theme examples before we proceed with what I did recently for a class – would you believe – about the Akashic Records.  Obviously, this can be done for announcement and invitations, but also for full-blown speeches and other kinds of presentations.

business people

Never Lose Another Plant

Weight Loss

keyboard - HELP

I’ll give you the link to the video, which is stored on Drop Box, in a minute; but, here are the individual slides I used to invite members of my Meet Your Self! group to a class about the Akashic Records. If these pictures intrigue you, either in terms of the class, itself, or in terms of selecting unusual images to create a Power Point to Video Presentation, then, click on the link to the video. What I did was to create the slides and then add both voice-over narration and music to the Power Point before converting it to video. Here are the 10 individual slides.

Akashic Records Invite 1





Akashic Records Invite2







Akashic Records Invite 3





















Akashic Records Invite 4

Akade 5shic Records Sli

Akashic Records Slide 6Akasich Records Invite, Slide 7

Akashic Records Invite Slide 8

Akashic Records Invite Slide 9

Akashic Records Invite Slide10

OK, Fine! Here’s the Drop Box Link to the video, for your listening/viewing pleasure. This is just a hasty version I created for a monthly class. If it were for a high level event, I would have aimed for perfect and not recorded it while having a sinus attack!

Drop Box Link To Video on Akashic Records.  Questions? Contact me, and let’s talk. I offer a free one-hour consultation to determine your needs and so you can see if we “fit.”

Thank You For Sharing Life With Me!

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