Trying Prezi Vs. PowerPoint

What does Prezi have to do to with Lyme Disease?

Dr. and patient, Lyme Disease Prezi presentationAnswer: Nothing. It’s just that I contracted Lyme Disease this summer. Since I use holistic healing products and techniques, several people want to follow my progress. Thus, against my will, I decided to create yet another Facebook page to help them find my suggestions easily. It’s called, Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More. It is “under construction,” as I’ve been too busy to do much with it, other than to mention how much ASEA has helped my immune system fight back. I’ll also blog about it, occasionally, on my other website, For now, I just want to let folks know what kinds of information I’ll be sharing on that FB page. Typically, I create presentations in PowerPoint and convert the slides to narrated videos. This time, I decided to try Prezi for the Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More introduction. But, there are problems.

Prezi – Questions Needing Answers

  • I think the viewer has to have a Prezi account to see it.
  • It works only on the Prezi platform.
  • I can’t see how to convert it to video with narration, but I’ve only played with it for about an hour, so maybe the capability is there.
  • The user has to wait for the presentation to upload and then (magically) know that (s)he must click on the presentation and on the arrows at the bottom to advance each slide. People are used to videos and just want them to play! Not good.

Prezi presentation teaching classes at white boardNote: It’s great if I were presenting in person. I could click on any of the topics, as the audience asked questions, and could go “out-of-order” and then return to my intended sequence. Obviously, that works better than if I were presenting a video, and it’s done more easily than when I’m presenting in PowerPoint.

Keyboard button Feedback re PreziIf you have the time, I’d love for you to click on the link to view the presentation and then share your comments about the software (not the content about Lyme disease). I want to know whether you could access and view the presentation and how it worked for you. If you have used Prezi and have tips for new users, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your input. (Keep it professional. No cursing or diatribes allowed.)

Clearly, I need to experiment more with this, before coming to conclusions about Prezi, but let’s face it. My September blog is due because September is over! So, I’m going with this now! Here’s the link…. Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More

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