Training Series #3 – More to Consider Before Creating Content

Quit Complaining About This Training Advice 🙂

business figure working on training presentation at a desk with wastebasket fullIf you have read the first 2 blogs in this series, I hear you saying, “When are we going to get to creating the contents of the speech or training class?” You probably think you should write the speech or develop the training session now and worry about these other details later. I used to think the same thing. That was before I started doing a lot of teaching and public speaking. It’s called “learning the hard way.” Things like the setting, temperature, nature of the audience, etc. all affect how to present the material.

It’s not only about what you or I want to say or convey. It’s about what affects the ability and willingness of the audience or students to receive the most important aspects of our presentations.

So, don’t be grumpy. Here are a few more factors to consider. Then, we’ll start on content face feeling uneasy

Other Things To Consider In Advance Of Conducting Training Include:


2 business figures shaking hands

  • Find out who will introduce you and provide whatever biographical information is needed. Do this early, because they may be talking about or creating ads and marketing materials about your presentation, which could improve attendance. It might even result in other organizations booking you to conduct their training programs.
  • Consider composing an introduction for the Master of Ceremonies or whoever will introduce you. The person may change it; but, at least, you will have indicated the areas on which you would like them to focus.
  • Consider supplying a picture to whoever is greeting and/or introducing you (whether at an airport, or in the meeting room). This will decrease their anxiety and yours in the logistics of executing the plan on the Big Day.

Might you have to introduce VIPs in the audience?  business men and women in a circle reaching to the middle to touch hands

  • Who are they?
  • What is the protocol for the order in which you introduce them?
  • Get that info in advance and find the designated point person at the event who will tell you about last minute additions or changes.
  • For example, members of a County Board of Supervisors often show up without warning, yet they expect to be publicly acknowledged by name and District at the beginning of an event. They think the leaders of any event know who they are, even if they’ve never met. (In my experience, they may not BE famous, but they THINK they’re famous – or should be.)
  • Another example might be upper management, who will “make an appearance” and leave quickly. They will be judging you quickly (and forever?) by what happens during those short moments.

Will There Be Food And/Or Drink?

Bottle carbonated non-alcoholic beverages for a training session cookies and coffee set out for a training session

Healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients on a kitchen board. for training session

Grilled shrimps on frying pan and beer on wooden table for meal during training session

  • Who’s going to fix it?
  • Who’s going to serve it?
  • Where will it be (since people may gravitate there)?
  • Is it placed to your advantage?
  • Does it need refrigeration?
  • Who’s going to clean up after your presentation?
  • Will the noise of serving be so loud that you need to speak after people are seated?

Deciding What To Wear:

businessman in suit shrugging shoulders

  • Do you need to take eyewear – either for reading or for shielding from the sun?
  • Maybe the air conditioning will turn you into a popsicle if you don’t bring a jacket.
  • Think about whether it is an indoor or an outdoor environment and the weather forecast. Do you have a rain date and proper clothes/equipment?
  • Consider your audience. Make them comfortable, unless your intent is to intimidate.
  • Factor in how what you wear might affect your presentation. For example, if I am in a short skirt and high heels, I may be less inclined to demonstrate a Downward Dog Yoga position than if I were wearing a pantsuit. That sounded corny; but, if you are a woman on a stage in front of an audience, you probably do not want people viewing your underwear.

Next Up: the Preparation Phase for Creating Training Content

books and a computer for researching training contentFor that enlightenment, go to the next blog, “Training Series – #4….” which I’ll post along with this one or by July 1st – yes – 2018, Smart Aleck!

Thanks for sticking with me through all this detail. It is a training program in itself. Thus, I share step by step instructions. Of course, if you don’t want to be bothered with thinking about all this, you may hire me to do it for you! Chirp! Chirp!

Do It the Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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