#vss365 #prompt Sep 18 – 25, 2021

Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, author of Presenter GuidelinesI’m having a blast participating in the #vss365 #prompt challenges on  Twitter. It’s for everyone – from people who’ve never written poems or prose before all the way to real Pros! You can participate in the #vss365 #prompt challenges, too! I tell you all about it when you Click Here.

However, the purpose of this post is to share my responses to the #vss365 challenges for this week (below) and to quickly point you to where, on Twitter, you can join in the fun. There, you also can find my submissions and those of other writers.

September 25, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #prior #Haiku

I have a #prior

conviction for the crime of

loving POCs.

Note: Some Things Never Change

Nancy wearing a dashiki many moons ago

September 25, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #prior #Haiku

It used to scare me

When a premonition gave

Me #prior knowledge.

illustration of a person seated in meditation pose


September 24, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #expedite #Haiku

The wise author will

#Expedite all publishing

For holiday sales.

Silhouette of woman working at computer by the light of the full moon.

September 23, 2021

Note: in this one, I have combined the prompt words from #vss365 #prompt and #PBF (Poetry Battle Friday – also found on Twitter). It then can be placed in both challenges!

#vss365 #prompt #carve #PBF #shaddow

 I’ve always walked in my own #shaddow

Trying to #carve out a sliver from invisibility

That would allow me to flourish and be seen

In a White world in which I am unwelcome.

African porters standing in line

September 22, 2021

vss365 #prompt #aloud #Haiku


We met because I

accidentally spoke my

thoughts of him #aloud.

 woman with finger to her lips indicating secret or hush

September 21, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #contemporaneous #rhyme

My response was spontaneous

To the challenge word, “Contemporaneous.”

Things that don’t #rhyme became extraneous.

Converging thoughts became simultaneous.

This result is temporaneous.

scrabble letters on a red background Game Changer

September 20, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #venture #777

A #venture capitalist

Will #venture money and risk

For riches and adventure.

A custom-designed yacht - photo by willoh

September 19, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #choir #anothertruestory #shortstory

Note: when this was too long to meet the Twitter requirements, I put it into a PowerPoint slide, which I then converted to a JPEG (single picture) image, so I could post it on Twitter. In that way, the only characters Twitter counted were these: #vss365 #prompt #choir #anothertruestory #shortstory.

2 figures at a microphone with text and musical notes around them

@NancyKnowsLife Has ’em All! Better Yet ~

So Does Nancy’s Novelty #VSS365 Bits 

gold icon for social media app Twitter Find #vss365 #prompts on Twitter

You can see all of my submissions on my Twitter page, @NancyKnowsLife, since Twitter is the host for these challenges. Some are poems, some are in Haiku style, and some are prose. You should check out ALL the writers’ work, as well. It is fascinating! Uh Oh! The thing is that I post a lot of other stuff there, too, about wellness, photography, Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels, and many more topics. To see only the #Vss365 #prompt posts in one place on this website, Click Here. It will give you lots of examples to kickstart your imaginings. 

Let’s have some fun sharing our very short stories and poems!

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