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Now that we’re resigned to living on Zoom for the Winter and Spring, let’s refresh our memories about how to use business infographics to conduct sessionseven if you don’t use PowerPoint (or its equivalent) in your presentations! These are NOT charts and graphs!

Video Demonstrating a Few Business Infographics

infographic - I'll Be Right Back!

video pink glossy icon parentingClick on this link for an explanation and to see several samples of business infographics themes  Nancy’s Novelty Infographics for Zoom or In-Person Meetings and Events

business infographics - stay mutedHere are examples of how conference and event planners, trainers, meeting facilitators, and public speakers can use fun, classy, or tech-styled business infographics. The leader may want to give instructions about breaks, breakout sessions, muting, what to put into chat boxes, the rules for comportment, or the procedures for a mastermind session, etc.

business infographics - put contact info in the chat boxWhen using Share Screen for long presentations, the presenter can embed these same announcements into the presentation and never have to leave the Share Screen to issue instructions or coffee/lunch break announcements.

No PowerPoint Required, Honey!

You can use Nancy’s Novelty Infographics for in-person or online sessions, like Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc. You don’t have to use PowerPoint to show these infographics. It’s easy! Here’s how to do it.

business infographics - ok to share session

Simply upload the JPEG (picture) or video files to your computer and then directly to Zoom files. That makes them available to show when you use the Zoom “virtual background” option, the share screen, or the equivalents in other platforms. You can use just one slide or purchase collections.

But, That’s Not All!

blue folder full of papers - gold star on the folder frontYou also can print them to include them in your handouts.

Make your presentation memorable. Give it some class with beautiful images or inject some wit with more humorous choices. Some have science or technology illustrations; others keep it simple with sticky notes as the theme.

What you choose depends on your audience, the venue, the purpose, and the presenter.

You also can use them in marketing materials, or in desktop displays, depending on the message you want to convey.

Coffee Breaks | Lunch/Dinner Breaks | Free Time | Ice-Breakers | Breakout Exercises | Mastermind Sessions | Meditation & Mindfulness Moments | Housekeeping | Tech Issues and Instructional or Rules Messages | Where Are the Restrooms? | Parking Validation or Limo Service

Off the Shelf or Customized for Your Project

Please Wait - Technical Diffulties Infographic

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics offer something for everyone! These business infographics have a wide variety of themes. Use them regardless of whether your event is part of New York’s Fashion Week, a Beer-Belly-Blast conference, a Twelve Step Program marathon, or a Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat!

Breakfast Infographic

The single slides or collection gems will give class, humor, and added interest to your presentations. Plus, I do all the work for you!

business infographics - Welcome to the Waiting Room business infographics put co name and link into chat box

business infographics - tech difficulties

I’ve created a huge variety of styles for your on-screen presentations, agendas, or table-top displays. You may purchase them “Off The Shelf” or Customized In PowerPoint and JPEG Formats. Some are short videos. I’ll transmit them to you electronically (usually via email).

Business infographics - Use Imagination Mastermind session business infographics - tech difficultiesbusiness infographics - tech difficulties

Zoom conference with host, main speakers, and groupYou can see many more samples of existing collections and choose from among those business infographics for your event.

You also can request customization or creation of original business infographics using your logo and tag line, for example.

See More and Option to Order

Click Here for the current offerings, but remember that this is a work in progress with more themes and messages to be added in the coming weeks.

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