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Sorry if I seem to be self-serving by posting these critiques of my book! However, reviewers have determined it is a “Must Read” for Sociology, Psychology, + Drama Classes, Book Clubs,1st Responders, Medical Personnel, Civic Groups & Non-Profits on Housing +Homelessness, Projects re Hunger, Addiction, AIDS, & Sex Trafficking. (To order or read the reviews on Amazon, Click Here.) I think it’s important to know about these things, and performing these stories with the homeless people, themselves, won many awards, including from a Governor, an appearance before Congress, and television/radio coverage. So, I’m sharing the comments now – yes, in the hope you’ll buy the book. It’s short, powerful, and inexpensive. You can’t beat that combo! 

I Keep Forgetting to Ask For Book Reviews, But I Got Some  Anyway!

reviewer giving 5 stars in book reviews about homelessness five starsTalk about being too busy for one’s own good! I have done almost nothing to get book reviews of Three Hots and a Cot, Stories of  Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS since it was published in 2019. However, reviewers have blessed me with the following comments on Amazon and on GoodReads, thanks to BookTasters. Every reader has given me 5 stars (out of 5) except one, who gave the book 4.

I’ll share some critiques here, so you can decide if the book is worth reading. "smelling Like A Rose" business etiquetteThese are true short stories of hardship, courage, & love among people who experienced homelessness, drug addiction, AIDS that tell how “normal, everyday people” become destitute + overcome.

What Do The People Say When They Review the Book?

Everyone who has read it and then talked to me in person says they think it should be required reading for all Americans! No kidding! They really say that! 

  • First responders and all medical personnel (especially those who deal with patients in thermal units) can find the book very enlightening when trying to help or understand their clients.
  • High school and college sociology and psychology classes can benefit because the stories give insight into both personal and societal issues.
  • Producers, directors, and actors use it (purchasable in playbook form) for drama classes.
  • They and local charities may choose to use the playbook version to mount productions of the monologues. This helps them raise awareness and funds.
  • It also is a great (short and easy) read for book clubs.

See all my stars (Whoopee!) and what the online reviewers said in their critiques below.

Man in silhouette against an orange sky=book cover picture for Three Hots and a Cot

But, Before We Read Reviews – Here is the Link Which Describes the Book and the Playbook

If you want to know more about the book before or after reading the reviews, Click Here. Below is a picture of some of the homeless people who became “actors” after I scripted their stories so that we could perform them to raise awareness and funds for groups whose mission was to help homeless people. Keep scrolling for more reviews and more pictures.

The Reviews Are About THESE People’s Stories!

Nancy Wyatt and actors Three Hots and a Cot

Sample Book Reviews On Amazon, Good Reads, and More as of 2-2-20

Baily Ellers

YEA! Today, I got another book review on Good Reads for my book, Three Hots and a Cot: Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS. I am grateful for Bailey Eilers’ review. (She posted it on Tumblr, too.)  She says,

“it was amazing

Thank you to BookTasters for connecting me with the great author of this wonderful book, Nancy Wyatt. Thank you Nancy for sending me a copy of this.

I’m one of those people that sees homeless people on the streets asking for help and feels sorry or pity for them but just tries to ignore them. I don’t usually give them money because I think what if they don’t really need it or what if they’re just going to use it on drugs? This book has made me think about homeless people differently.

This small book filled with so many different stories about so many different people tells the same big message in many different ways. Each story of each person’s life is told in a different way with a different voice. Some are poetry, some are prose but each story really hits you with the truth and doesn’t hold back. They all give the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each makes you feel the same feelings a little bit differently. They’re all trying to tell you that anyone can be homeless. It can happen to you or someone you love.

They’re all trying to get you to wake up and seeing what’s happening in our world and they’re all a call for your help. So next time don’t ignore them, try to help. I will try too.
I recommend this to anyone who needs a wake up call, who wants to feel something, or who wants to learn something. “

Dateline: 1-3-20 New Book Reviews of Three Hots and a Cot

Oh Goody! Another review came through today. I share this in the hope you will read this book – not ‘cuz I wrote it, but b/c it gives insights into people and issues so many of our friends, family, and selves face or could face. Here’s what is about to go up on GoodReads.

“This book is one of the most meaningful books you will ever read. It tells of how we are all people and all have worth – no matter how ugly or despicable our circumstances are.
Nancy Wyatt lets people on the shadow side of society have their say and we should all listen.

Their voices speak up to show us they are not the idiots, the heartless and the joyless beings many of us think they are. They have merits, they have talents, they laugh and they cry and they are, above all, not hopeless.

If you think this is too ugly of a read for you – think again. Among the sadness and horror there is also beauty more glorious because of where it blooms.
It’s 62 pages to open your eyes and they are not only deserving of but well worth your time.”


An absolutely beautiful and fascinating read. Three Hots and a Cot consists of 14 powerful and honest monologues that demonstrate the impacts of homelessness. The author wants everyone to know that homelessness can happen to anyone- even you and me- and we should not judge those who are currently homeless; rather we should help them. The stories in this book are heartbreaking, eye-opening, powerful, insightful and beautiful. You can feel the impact of job loss, addiction, chronic illness and know that it could happen to anyone.
It’s clear too that people who are labeled as homeless want everyone to know that they are people too- they have talents, family, things to offer to others, love to give- and want to be loved just like anybody else. Faith is a powerful theme that runs through the stories and have helped many individuals not give up hope and keep the dream alive to go after their goals.

Thank you to BookTasters and Nancy Wyatt for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Silhouette of a man praying on his knees Three Hots and a Cot inside cover


Told against the backdrop of a homeless shelter “Three Hots and a Cot” allows you to see the impact of homelessness. This book, adapted form the stage play, is told in vignettes of short monologues. Feel the impact of job loss, chronic illness, and know that you too could become part of this story. The words will help you feel the powerful emotions of those who must live in shelters, for now. Allow this book will move you and impact your heart, open your senses and feel the stories.

As a nurse that has worked in the HIV/AIDS community, taken care of patients who were homeless in parking lot’s “Three Hot’s and a Cot” is a look inside these lives that many will never experience. The glimpse goes into the dark hidden spaces of homelessness. It peaks into the reasons that we never thought of. It gives a glimmer of how the homeless children feel and answers some of the “why” do they end up like this.

I found this a fascinating read that gave an open honest view of homelessness. I would go so far as to call it a must-read for medical professionals and those who volunteer with the homeless. I would encourage all who dare to feel the poignant telling of these true stories and allow yourself to experience the homeless crisis through their eyes!

This book has been performed on stage as well and licensing for theater groups is available.

I received a copy of “Three Hots and a Cot” by Nancy Wyatt for review purposes.

The author interviewed a number of homeless shelter residents in Washington, DC, to create dramatic readings. These vignettes and some original poetry by residents have been offered as a spoken performance to raise money and awareness for organizations that help the homeless and those with substance abuse problems.

Wyatt has now turned the spoken performances into a book. She writes, “We don’t ask you to feel sorry. We ask you to learn and understand.” Readers will learn a lot and, it is hoped, understand more after going through this short book.

Each prose/poetry piece has an introduction to set the table and to help the reader go from one reading to the next. The first piece will hit many readers: the person had been in the upper-middle-class before becoming homeless. He/she admits to ignoring homeless people, panhandlers, and homeless and hungry children until he/she became homeless him-/herself.

Another piece explores the memories of a person who experienced hunger as a child, who did everything expected—got an education and a good job—only to lose it all, becoming a homeless and hungry adult.

Especially striking are the poetry pieces. One poem, titled “Statistics,” reads in part:

Statistics don’t tell you of our humor . . .
How we laugh until we cry

Statistics don’t tell you we know how to love, too. . . .

Another poem, titled “You Call Him ‘Derelict.’ I Call Him ‘Darling’!” has as one stanza:

Whereas most people see an old man.
I see an old and Universal soul.
Whereas most people see an ole’ drunk,
I see a Miracle.

The book contains 14 monologues/poems. My recommendation: By this book. Inhale this book. Share this book. It needs to be read by all.

Variety Pack Performers in Three Hots and a Cot

Variety Pack actors from Three Hots and a Cot

These honest accounts of people who are homeless, addicted, or ill are heart-changing. These are not pathetic or pitiful pleas for assistance, but simple statements of the realities of these peoples’ lives. Many have fallen into homelessness through a disaster as simple as a home fire or loss of a job. Many have struggled through and gotten out. Many have not. They all are human beings, their stories conveyed with dignity.

The purpose of these stories is simply to raise awareness. The ‘ask’ at the end is likewise simple. Just help where you can. I would like to have had contact information for support or aid agencies that readers might contact. Perhaps this can be added to the electronic version.

The 14 powerful monologues included within this book are beautifully written and give deep insight into the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, and AIDS. From their own perspectives, they describe how they got to that place, and what life is like for them, within the walls of the shelter, and without. The reader is able to gain an understanding that these life situations truly can happy to anyone, and thus, wells up empathy and a desire to help, which was the intention when they were first created.

I believe this is an important compilation and highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t understand homelessness, and think that this book, and the original screenplay, should continue to be used to educate people about these issues.

Powerful and poignant, this book doesn’t just illustrate society’s ills–it makes a timeless statement. You come away recognizing both the strength and fragility of the human condition and how they coexist in the characters’ lives, as well as our own. Well done!

Some of the Performers in Three Hots and a Cot

Nancy Wyatt w/actors from Three Hots and a Cot

Three Hots and a Cot Book Reviews on GoodReads as of 9-22-19

I was approached by BookTasters, upon publication of my book, and agreed to give free copies to ten reviewers for their comments, which are placed on GoodReads. Below, you will find the GoodReads reviews as of 9-22-19. One person posted her review in both places.

Christina Forster

An absolutely beautiful and fascinating read. Three Hots and a Cot consists of 14 powerful and honest monologues that demonstrate the impacts of homelessness. The author wants everyone to know that homelessness can happen to anyone- even you and me- and we should not judge those who are currently homeless; rather we should help them.
The stories in this book are heartbreaking, eye-opening, powerful, insightful and beautiful. You can feel the impact of job loss, addiction, chronic illness and know that they are people too- they have talents, family, things to offer to others, love to give- and want to be loved just like anybody else. Faith is a powerful theme that runs through the stories and have helped many individuals not give up hope and keep the dream alive to go after their goals.

Thank you to BookTasters and Nancy Wyatt for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Divya Mahajan

An honest account of the homeless people told from their point of view that are really heart touching. By a combination of prose and poetry, the accounts bring tears.

Here the book doesn’t ask for donations or alms but asks to understand and not pity or despise the homeless, sick or addicted people. The author makes a point that this can happen to best of people due to circumstances. And these people are not to be despised or pitied because they did not become addicts or peddlers or prostitutes by choice but were forced to. How hunger not only yours but your dependents drives one to desperate measures. The author pleads that if one cannot help them it’s okay but do not despise them. Anyone can be their shoes.

The last story “Please God” from a child’s viewpoint is most disturbing of all. How a kid is being used and lied and led with a false show of concern, what will he grow up to be.
“Three Hots and a Cot” is a must-read.

Manal Jamaleddine

A very important cause this book is highlighting. Homelessness and poverty could happen to anyone. We should all care! A very powerful and inspiring book, written in a very sincere and touching manner. A must-read!


For Too Long Now There Has Been A Shallow Often Bordering Upon Hollow View That Homelessness Is The Last Frontier Of Lazy Good For Nothing People Who Don’t Want To Earn But Prefer To Be Freeloaders.

But Nothing Can Be Further From The Truth.

Being Homeless Is Not Something Anyone Wishes For Themselves Or Their Loved Ones Just Because They Shirk Away To Earn For Themselves And Their Loved Ones.

Another Myth Is That Being Shelterless, Sick And Not Knowing Where And When The Next Meal Shall Come From Is Something That Only Happens To Other People Who Alone Are To Blame For Their Misery And Where They Find Themselves. The Author Is Not Offering Mere Statistics But True Stories Based Upon Actual Case History Sheets That Reveals Some Stark And Painful Tales That Shall Leave You Disturbed And Leave You Wondering How Much Longer Can One Sweep This Menacing Problem Under The Carpet?

The Author Nancy Wyatt Presents 14 Soul Stirring And At Times Gut-Wrenching Tales About Homelessness, Addiction & AIDS And The Havoc They Can Create Not Upon Just The Single Victim Alone But The Entire Family Who Are Stranded Without A Roof On Their Head And An Empty Stomach With No Source For Medical Care. The Havoc These Three Hots Can Create When You Don’t Have A Cot Is Hard To Imagine Leave Alone Live That Life.

Nancy Wyatt Lifts The Curtain And Reveals The Stark Reality That Has Been Ignored For Too Long Now But No Longer Can You Turn A Blind Eye To The Plight Of These People Because No Longer Does It Happen To Other People Alone Because Ugly Circumstances Can Come Knocking On Your Doorstep Next. God Forbid.

Three Hots and a Cot – Performers

Nancy Wyatt w/actors from Three Hots and a Cot

Some Brief Book Reviews and a Longer One


Three Hots and a Cot is short and straight to the point, about different people with similar stories. I enjoy how it’s written, it catches your attention from the beginning but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt reading the stories. Poverty, pain, displacement, sickness are not beautiful, but some people never get out.
Homelessness is a scourge that needs to be eradicated one person at a time. It has to be fought by every nation,we cannot be silent about it.

Sara Ahmed

This book is a must-read! The 14 monologues written are so powerful and inspiring. Anyone can be homeless, we all struggle through life. This book resembles the lives of homeless people. I recommend it to everybody.

Thank you to the author and Booktasters for providing me the book for an honest review.

Nancy Wyatt worked for many years in shelters, and this book takes you through several real-life stories of people dealing with homelessness, addiction and/or AIDS that she got to know in the shelter.

The message of this book is to make people more aware of homelessness, since so many tend to ignore it and/or judge people in that situation. Nancy asks us to reconsider, and alerts us to how this can happen to anyone. She writes, “We don’t ask you to feel sorry. We ask you to learn and understand.” It urges to our humanity and to help one another! An important message, brought to us in impactful stories. Also, it really shows that the one thing we are all looking for is love, to feel loved and to be able to love someone.

The 14 stories themselves are adapted from dramatic readings, and thus have all different structures/styles. Some are prose, others poetry, and some take a mix of the two, which makes it for a very interesting read.

 More Book Reviews Are Welcome

I have not publicized this book, nor have I solicited many reviews, so I would love to hear your thoughts after reading these fascinating stories of courage and faith.Nancy Wyatt - Author, Three Hots and a Cot

Thanks, in advance, for your comments. You also can find a place to review on Facebook where I sometimes post articles, poetry, or other tidbits related to homelessness, addiction, AIDs, and more.

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