Day Lilies



Spice up your Day Lilies with some color-coordinated pots and ceramics!


Deer LOVE to eat Day Lilies; so I moved them into pots on the deck and put some of these Mexican pots around them for interest.  Now, of course, the deer decided to walk up onto the deck to eat the flowers!  Sob!  (I fill the elongated dish with water for the animals to drink.)

Mexican Pottery Talavera Rounded Flower PotHere is just one of many links, where you can find beautiful Mexican pots.  Be aware they are not glazed or fired for cold weather, unlike those from China, for example.  So, you have to bring them inside during winter months in cold climates.

Or, you can use some terra cotta pots that are not glazed/fired; but these dry out much more quickly and are for plants that need really good drainage.

English: pots made of clay.
English: pots made of clay. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The world-famous Viette family is renowned for hybridizing Day Lilies, and they have some of the most beautiful specimens you can imagine.  The Viettes welcome visitors to their farm in  Fisherville, VA, and they also take trips with guests who are interested.  You can learn more about them at:  Of course, they also sell these and many other plants for which they also are very well-known hybridizers.

Day Lilies are Perennials, meaning they should defoliate and deflower for the winter, but will come back to bloom again in the summer.  They come in many different colors.  The flowers bloom for a day and the fade; but new flowers emerge for some time.

File:Daylily "Hush Little Baby".jpgThanks to Wikipedia for this beautiful image.

For more information, of course, you can Google anything; but, for expert advice, contact the Viette nursery and / or my favorite Northern Virginia world-class nursery, Merriefield Garden Center, at:  Bob Warhurst is the well-known owner, who has an outstanding staff of plant experts.  Merriefield Garden Center and the Viette Nurseries have been working together for years, and the Viettes often present a class at one of the Merriefield Garden Center Saturday morning classes.  Check for the schedule at:

May you enjoy the summer!  Remember, deer love them, so spray new buds and flowers with Bobbex  ( to prevent them from becoming a buffet for the four-legged friends!

Thanks for sharing LIFE with me!

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