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Hardy Hibiscus

This photo is of  a gorgeous “Hardy Hibiscus.”  The Latin name is:  Hibiscus moscheutos, and details can be found at:, as well as in gardening books an on-line resources.  I also have provided some plant care links below.

FEAR NOT:  If you bought one (or more) of these,  and you finally begin to see the lovely Spring flowers bursting into new life…. but this one still looks dead…. do not worry!  After all the other early season jewels come to share their glory, then – and only then – will these flowers raise their dinner plate sized heads to beam at you. This happens roughly when the temperatures are around 70 degrees.

We’re all anxious for Spring to come; but, in Virginia, it’s wise to make yourself wait until Mother’s Day to plant anything that really is tropical…(my favorites, of course).  Wait ’til the frost nights are surely over.  But, you can plant other things, like violas or pansies, etc.

Hardy HIbiscus

Hardy HIbiscus

Plant Care Instructions:  for Hardy Hibiscus, here is one source:

Here’s another source to tell you how to find out if you have a tropical or a cold-hardy hibiscus.

Love this huge and glorious flower – but so do the deer, so you may want to spray with a product, like Bobbex,, on all new growth!

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