Healing In Absentia/Summer Special Ends Soon

Let’s Do Distance Reiki or Other In Absentia Healing

Quickly – Before the Rates for Healing Sessions Go Back To Normal!

Nancy (Ayanna) healing in absentiaI offer greatly reduced rates for distance Reiki and other healing in absentia.

Those prices are good only through August 2020, and then I have to start earning a living at normal prices again.

Book now! – $15 for $15 minutes. All you have to do is nothing except to BREATHE.


What Is Reiki?

stick figure scratching head and sitting on a red question mark answering questions about self-loveLet’s start by answering the question, “What is Reiki?” Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”) means “Universal Life Force.” Since the word is Japanese, it is difficult to get an exactly correct definition, but here’s the gist. “Rei” is “higher intelligence” or “god-wisdom” or “infinite, all-knowing intelligence.” “Ki” is similar to “chi” – the non-physical energy which animates all living beings (human, animal, insect, plant, etc.).

Do You Have to “Believe In” Reiki for it to Work? What  About Animals?

It works on animals, as well!  I have five cats who could testify to this if only you could speak their language! So, when people ask me whether they have to believe in it for it to work, I point out the fact that the animals have no such belief system. So, the answer is “no.” On the other hand, animals “know.” They sense the energy and are drawn to it. They want it. When allowed in the room during a session, they often place themselves under the Reiki table until the treatment has ended. When you work directly on them with your hands, they also absorb the healing energy much more quickly than humans, and they will move away when they’ve had enough.

“Messages” Received During Reiki Treatments

clairvoyant. abstract woman with magic ball on dark backgroundI cannot read your mind.  And, I certainly do not want to!   (I have enough to do in reading my own mind!)    And, I always ask (“Divine Guidance”) that the only information given to me to share with you in this process is that which serves the highest good for all concerned.

Sometimes I don’t get any messages.  At other times, words, images, or physical sensations are given to me for interpretation.  Often the messages come to me from your own body and its movements.  If that is the case, it is likely that I not only will share this with you, but I’ll teach you a bit about how you can begin to “read your own body” so that you can enhance your own self-healing and self-discovery processes.

Here are more details about how it works, what you get, plus how to schedule sessions and pay.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing. So, I cannot offer in-person Reiki sessions. However, if you want to know more about them, see the link below or Click Here.

What to Expect in a Reiki Treatment Session

In the meantime, you can book an in absentia healing session with me. Follow the instructions in the video at the beginning of this post and email me at MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail.com.

Reiki Testimonials for Nancy (Ayanna)

So, I cannot predict precisely what will occur when we’re together.  What I can ensure is that you will feel much more relaxed and in touch with your inner Self. Perhaps my clients – who come from a wide variety of professions, cultures, races, and belief systems (both religious and sacrilegious) – best express how they feel after treatments.

  • “It felt Holy!  Never before in my life have I felt such peace and such ecstasy.” ~ Computer Systems Designer
  • “Everything you said was right on target.  I hadn’t realized those things still bothered me.” ~ Teddy:   Drug Counselor for the Homeless
  • “I trust you completely.” ~ Kathy:  Victim of Sexual Abuse
  • “When you touched me, it felt like the security of a baby in the womb.  I never wanted to come out.” ~ Steve:  Artist, Metaphysician, Healer, Antique Dealer
  • “God has granted you the gift of Discernment. That wasn’t nuthin’ but the Lord!” ~ A good  anonymous churchwoman
  • “I always get even more than I give!  It is soothing, healing, and rejuvenating.” ~ Nancy Wyatt:  (I’m  My Own Best Client)

I hope this has been helpful to you. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions!

Classes and Consultations

If you’re interested in classes, you can Learn More Here and email me with your questions or booking requests at the same email address. Classes are held via Zoom at this time.

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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In addition to being a writer/editor, creator of infographics, and a highly engaging presenter and trainer, I am an ethical, energetic, and multi-faceted manager, demonstrably successful in directing human and financial resource allocation, contract administration, policies and procedures development, and supervisory functions. I have managed diverse departments, ranging from business offices to police, to name only two, while working for multi-national corporations, non-profits, higher education, state government, and small businesses. I have created extensive procedures, manuals, and training programs. I use the Internet, MS Office Suite, and presenter software. I have created 3 Word Press websites "from scratch." I sell photos on merchandise at https://pixels.com/profiles/nancyayanna-wyatt. My earned reputation is for fair play and for keeping people informed at all levels. I am praised often for my communication skills, which include listening, public speaking, writing and editing, training, and interpersonal relationships with people of all ages, cultures and hierarchical levels. An example of a presentation is "How To Start A Business," for which I provide extensive notes in English and Spanish. https://mypersuasivepresentations.com/classes-how-to-start-business/. Seminars on many topics may be booked through my website or by calling me. You also may hire me to create/and or present new teaching or training projects!

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