#vss365 #FromOneLine #prompt 2/12 – 2/19 2022

Hello, #vss365 People! Let’s talk briefly about #FromOneLine first, and then I’ll share some #vss365 prompt responses with you.


As anticipated, my writers’ group and I had a blast when I led it in #FromOneLine prompt challenges last Saturday! I had twenty lines for them to use; but, of course, we didn’t get to all of them, given the time constraints of an hour meeting plus internet tech issues and a time allotment for people to share what they wrote.

The participants came up with some marvelous responses, and I urged them to go to Meghan Dargue’s #FromOneLine Twitter site to participate throughout the year and to her website where she posts a blog for our enrichment.

I’d love to lead more Zoom sessions – with you – using word prompts. We could do it as one of my Sip & Share sessions!

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Sip & Share Sessions usually are for counseling, masterminding, or coaching, but we could use the forum simply to have fun with writers’ prompts. If you have a group of 2 – 5 people who are interested, let me know by emailing me at GetWellStayWell@outlook.com. Put “Let’s Prompt Write” in the subject line, so I’ll pay quick attention.

Back to #vss365 #prompts

Before I share my responses, I’m sharing these instructions for those of you who have not yet participated but might want to join in the fun.

logo for #vss365 Tips and Tricks

You Can Participate on Twitter, Too.
Here’s the Deal.
  • colored pencils #vss365 #promptIt’s great fun for people of all levels of skill (from newbie to pro) to use a daily, one-word “prompt” to create a poem, short story, or commentary.
  • You just go to Twitter and search for #vss365 #prompt, and you can find the day’s word, as well as submissions from people all over the world.
  • If you choose to, you can have the daily prompt word emailed to you.
  • Using that word, create your own short story or poem.
  • It must be Tweet size, including hashtags.
  • You have the option to add a photo or GIF and additional hashtags.
  • You’re also able to comment on other people’s offerings and to follow them.
  • If you add #writingcommunity and/or #poetrycommunity to your post, you open the doors to meet writers of all genres who may see your work.

You Don’t Have to Write Perfectly to Play #vss365 #prompt Games

Clock, Watch, Time, Minute, Countdown with alarm and coffee icon

The truth is I usually have only 5 – 10 minutes to:

  • Learn what the #vss365 (or any kind of) #prompt is for the day.
  • Figure out what to say in poetry or prose that can fit into one Twitter post
  • Find a corresponding relevant image, and
  • Upload it to Twitter (since I usually type it into a Word doc first).

Some people – and you, sometimes, – might take hours to refine the craft, but lots of us don’t have that luxury daily. Play anyway and refine later if you want to publish or just perfect your work.

Sample Responses to #vss365 #prompts

#vss365 #prompt logo

February 19, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #naked #Haiku

Below is how the post appears on Twitter.


February 18, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #strip

They gave me a tip

That I wouldn’t be hip

Until I went to the strip

Where the comedians rip!

Statue of Charlie Chaplin - photo by JuergenM

February 17, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #bottom

February 16, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #bare #haiku

February 15, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #sorority

February 14, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #tremble #Haiku

Fronds start to #tremble

The advent of a fresh breeze

Ah, yes! The tropics!

Palm trees overlooking an ocean inlet in the tropics - by Julius Silver

February 13, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #thrust

Teen Heroine

Unwittingly, she was thrust into the situation merely by being there and being brave as the cop dug his knee deeper into George Floyd’s neck. She and her camera affected history and awareness, but she pays with PTSD.

mobile phone photo by NoobInNature NIN from Pixabay

February 12, 2022

#vss365 #prompt #attrition

The high level of attrition

Is caused by the perilous condition

In that Most Highly Dangerous Mission…

Not War, But Love.

red heart

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