Class How To Start A Business

celebrate_the_times_300_clr_7247 YEA!  This Class, How To Start A Business, has been launched, and the audience was ENTHUSIASTIC!     stick_figure_sling_shot_pc_800_clr_4431


Has life – or your current job – made you feel helpless?

Do you feel caged in, under the foot of your boss, or like a puppet on a string?

figure_behind_bars_anim_300_clr_3524 figure_underfoot_400_clr_6003 puppet_dance_PA_300_clr_6210

Does it seem like you are on auto-pilot – sleep-walking through the day?

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel,

or like someone or something is trying to “trip you up?”



On the other hand, do you have some great ideas?

book_stack_pc_400_clr_3258Do you have some knowledge that you would like to put to better use to benefit others or to help yourself?

Maybe, it’s time to change direction!


Class How To Start A Business

Click on the highlighted links in this paragraph to see the additional information being described.  As mentioned previously, I have created a class about How To Start A Business, and this information could help you decide if that is a good idea for you. Also, in a previous post, I also gave you samples of what is covered.  In addition, I am translating portions of the class into Spanish.

Class – All You Need To Know About How To Start A Business

3 Ways To Purchase:

In-Person / Webinar / PDF or Outline

The class is an overview, which takes about two hours.

It is offered to individuals and to groups.

Purchase Option 1

My class  is offered as an in-person, Power Point presentation, which I will deliver, in English to individuals or to groups.  (It also can be done as a speech, if that meets your needs.) We shall communicate first, by email or phone, to establish a date, time, location, ability to project the Power Point, etc. Typically, I do not charge for commuting time or expenses; however, that is dependent on location owoman_teacher_helping_800_clr_12619f event.  Once we have agreed upon the details, you will be able to return to this page to make payment through Pay Pal.  Alternatively, you can send me a Cashier’s Check or a check; and, once it has cleared, we can schedule the session.   woman_presenting_board_400_clr_7861If you want me to deliver the presentation to a Spanish-speaking audience, I am happy to do so; but you will need to provide an interpreter. Since there are many versions of Spanish, please choose an interpreter who can speak the language most common to the anticipated audience. I shall provide extensive notes in Spanish to the participants. It will have links to help people do thefollow up work on their own.

Purchase Option 2

My class also is offered as a Webinar, in which case you (the students) and I will talk first (via phone or email) to select a time and date to meet on-line.  Once we have agreed upon the details, you will be able to return to this page to make payment through Pay Pal.   Alternatively, you can send me a Cashier’s Check or a check; and, once it has cleared, we can schedule the session.laptop_hand_shake_400_clr_5893 I will email a link to the presentation, and I will guide you through the presentation, providing much more information than is on the Power Point slides. After the webinar, I will email you an outline of the presentation and lots of notes and links, so that you canfollow up on your own.

Purchase Option 3

The third way to purchase this presentation is to request only a PDF or outline version of the Power Point presentation, and the extensive notes and links which go with it.


In summary, the seminar and the webinar – in terms of my presenting the material as spoken words – are available only in English.  However, the outline of the seminar/webinar/and accompanying notes also are available in Spanish.

Note:  if you select a “Bill Me Later,” option on PayPal, I will not get your payment immediately and cannot send the materials until payment has been received by me.  PayPal has to do a credit check on you and then align with whatever account you tell them to bill later; and I won’t get a payment until all that has been done.

In Person, Web, or PDF only

Book events before paying
Specify English or Spanish


I am collaborating with other professionals, one of whom will teach a class about Basic Business Writing; another of whom will teach either an overview or a full session class on Sales and Marketing.  A third person may teach how to incorporate videos into slide presentations and vice versa, or we may use someone with IT and SEOG skill sets.  Once we have synchronized our fees, I will post the prices via Pay Pal links on this website and on my other website for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC.  However, if you need the class before then, just contact me, and I shall be glad to arrange it for you! Use the comment form below or email me at

Thanks for Sharing Life With Me!

About Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

In addition to being a writer/editor, creator of infographics, and a highly engaging presenter and trainer, I am an ethical, energetic, and multi-faceted manager, demonstrably successful in directing human and financial resource allocation, contract administration, policies and procedures development, and supervisory functions. I have managed diverse departments, ranging from business offices to police, to name only two, while working for multi-national corporations, non-profits, higher education, state government, and small businesses. I have created extensive procedures, manuals, and training programs. I use the Internet, MS Office Suite, and presenter software. I have created 3 Word Press websites "from scratch." I sell photos on merchandise at My earned reputation is for fair play and for keeping people informed at all levels. I am praised often for my communication skills, which include listening, public speaking, writing and editing, training, and interpersonal relationships with people of all ages, cultures and hierarchical levels. An example of a presentation is "How To Start A Business," for which I provide extensive notes in English and Spanish. Seminars on many topics may be booked through my website or by calling me. You also may hire me to create/and or present new teaching or training projects!

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