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All You Need To Know About…How To Start A Business: Sample Topics

In the full presentation, we’ll address the various types of companies a person can start, and you will receive links to find out all the details and to help you do the work, step by step.  Each kind of business has advantages and disadvantages, different legal  requirements, different tax filing methods, and different liability parameters, if your company should be sued.

One of the many choices is whether your company will be a for-profit (taxable)  or a not-for-profit (tax exempt)  organization. 

Both types may make profits; but, in a non-profit company, all profits gained after expenses must be put back into the company.   Yes, the employees of a non-profit may receive a salary or wages, as part of the company’s  expenses; but there are things to learn about that.  Also, non-profits may not donate things, like equipment, supplies, etc. to any company or person not meeting the non-profit guidelines.  For example, a non-profit may not donate old computer equipment to a for-profit organization or to an individual.  Only the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can determine whether your company qualifies as a non-profit (tax-exempt) company and which kind of non-profit is applicable.

Profit Vs Non-Profit

In the full presentation, you will FIND OUT WHAT STEP NOT TO FORGET, when running a business, So They Won’t Come For You!

In the full presentation, we’ll talk in some depth  about networking – especially for people who are uncomfortable with networking and socializing with strangers.  To get you started, here are a few ideas.

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