Starting An Online Business

Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Business Is there a need for your product or service as an online business? How do you know? What research have you done? Continue Reading →

Class – Blogging for Seniors

I’m creating a class for “Senior Citizens” and anyone else who wants or needs to know the basics of blogging on social media or for websites. It is “user friendly,” in that I’m not a techie-type, so I speak (mostly) English. Continue Reading →

Did Nancy Get Lost? Update!

How many of you have wondered, “Did Nancy Get Lost?”  Update! Thanks for you concern.  The update answer is, “No.” On the other hand, I FELT lost, when my computers Continue Reading →

Class How To Start A Business

YEA!  This Class, How To Start A Business, has been launched, and the audience was ENTHUSIASTIC!       Has life – or your current job – made you feel helpless? Do you feel caged Continue Reading →

Cómo iniciar un negocio en USA

 Cómo iniciar un negocio en USA =  How To Start A Business in the United States   Hello,  This is just a brief announcement to let you know that I Continue Reading →

How To Start A Business: Sample Topics

Pieces Of The Puzzle All You Need To Know Series All You Need To Know About…How To Start A Business: Sample Topics In the full presentation, we’ll address the various Continue Reading →