Did Nancy Get Lost? Update!

How many of you have wondered, “Did Nancy Get Lost?”  Update!

keyboard_help_key_800_clr_8838Thanks for you concern.  The update answer is, “No.”

On the other hand, I FELT lost, when my computers constantly lost connectivity, and I was unable to accomplish all my work, such as posting my blog, etc.  I have had to change Internet Service Providers.  ‘Bye, bye, Comcast.  That’s all I will say here.

Here are the things I’ve been doing while you wondered, “Did Nancy Get Lost?”

Update!  My Get Well Guru Newsletter for Health Nuts

girl hugging Huskies in winter forestOf course, despite computer problems, I had to do my monthly newsletter for my other website www.getwell.guru.  I have a collection of people, whom I affectionately call “Health Nuts,” who want to get my monthly newsletter, which is about new or unusual things in the wellness world, and is not just about things I sell.  If you would like to receive it, just email me, and I’ll add you to the list.  I never, ever, ever sell or share your contact info with people who want to market to you.

Update!  Sleep Like A Baby – Guided Meditation – Now Available World-Wide

Sleep Like A Baby FinalI have spent a GINORMOUS amount of time producing my Sleep Like A Baby guided meditation, as several things went wrong.  However, the narration is accompanied by the music of a world-famous musician; and the CDs are being manufactured by a highly reputable company.  The CDs now are coming out beautifully and will be well worth the effort.  This meditation has been PROVEN effective and is available on my Sleep Like A Baby page as MP3 and wav downloads, or CD’s.  On that page, you can listen to “snippets” of the background music used.

It also is available for purchase worldwide. as MP3 files only, on iTunes, Amazon, etc.  If you choose to purchase there, type “Sleep Like A Baby by Nancy Wyatt.”  I think only Amazon offers a 99 cent version for just one track.  The rest are called “albums” and contain fewer versions than you can find on my website.  (Each of the many global distributor “does its own thing,” and I have no control over any of it.  Go to the bottom of my Sleep Like A Baby page for a more comprehensive list of global distributors.)

 Update!  Scripts About Homelessness and About Breaking the Chain of Domestic Violence

poor and coinsIn addition, I have been reminding people about the difficulties of homelessness (see  the stories I scripted, which were performed by real homeless people).

In a similar vein, I have now posted the play I wrote about domestic violence.  It is called “Break the Chain,” and you can   Click Here   to see details.  Playbooks are available for purchase.

I now have changed Internet Service Providers, so I hope I will be back “up and running” and easily able to post my monthly blogs, or even share new information slightly more often.

Update!  Classes on How To Start A Business



I spent quite a bit of time on preparing and presenting my Introductory class on all the things a person needs to consider before starting a business and then exactly what that person needs to do, if they decide to take the risk.

I did several free sessions, with notes in English and in Spanish, for Catholic Charities’ Hogar Immigrant Services. Great fun!risk_measurement_400_clr_5483

Other Activities

I have been attending a lot of Chamber of Commerce and networking meetings, as well as consulting for people on various projects.  One thing I know, however, is that I must quit being a professional volunteer every time I think someone has a worthwhile cause. Instead, I must get to the business of my business.

In the meantime, it is good talking with you again.  I would love to hear from you and welcome suggestions for topics you would like for me to address.

Don’t worry, I would never sell or share your contact information with people who are trying to sell things to you.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  Don’t forget to take a fem moments to breathe!orchids and candle

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