The Nine Word Challenge

I’m starting my own Nine Word Challenge.

Logo and picture of Write by the Rails with a railroad crossing sign against a night backgroundThis is part of a #WritebytheRails #BackOnTrackNow hashtags campaign that is on-going.  Write by the Rails is the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, Its purpose is to raise the profile of the local literary community and explore ways we can nurture, cultivate and help that community grow. But, you don’t have to be a local writer (or wannabe writer) to take part in this project. Selections from the submissions will be included in a published anthology.

Here’s a quick example | my first try. “A giant beehive surrounds wind chimes rendering them forever silent.”

The Nine Word Challenge with picture of writer at desk ad waste paper basket

hand with red pen editing manuscripts for Write by the Rails publicationsI had never written anything purposely in only nine words before responding to this invitation. So, I need some practice. (It’s a great exercise to help people be more concise and to edit their own work. Don’t use 25 words when 9 will do!)

red key saying "success" on a keyboardI decided to create a Word document for developing the sayings. As I think of these little ditties, I’ll add them to my collection, which I call “The Nine Word Challenge.”

Participants (like you) may submit just one nine-word quote, but up to five are allowed at one time on the form you will fill out if you participate in the Write by the Rails campaign. Just make sure you “keep it clean.” We don’t allow things like profanity or cruel language in this project. See more details from my earlier post on this subject.

pink bookworm wearing glasses coming out of a brown book

I plan to continually submit these; so, when I have created five, I’ll submit them to through the form they provide for the #WbtR and #BackOnTrackNow project. Then, I’ll wait to see if they get posted and/or put into the next Write by the Rails anthology.


Samples for The Nine Words Challenge

Here are some samples in case you want to join in the fun. You have to use the hashtags #WbtR and #BackOnTrackNow, but you can add your own additional hashtags later when you post your snippets on other social media or other platforms.

figure with giant pencil checking off items on a list1. Delicate rain turns torrential, tumbling trees onto the roof. #WbtR#BackOnTrackNow
2. I always fled from politics, but they rule, so … #WbtR #BackOnTrackNow
3. You are like an unrelenting mosquito bite! Go away. #WbtR #BackOnTrackNow
4. Won’t quit hitting on you? Say, “You’re boring.” BINGO! #WbtR #BackOnTrackNow
5. My face in your fur muzzles me, I purr. #WbtR #BackOnTrackNow

There are other kinds of writing that you can do for the Write by the Rails campaign, so go to their website if you want to explore more, like how to submit poetry or biographical items. Above all, have a good time with it. The quotes don’t have to be perfectly crafted. Just see what happens when your creative juices start flowing!

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

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