Things To Do While Waiting at Auto Repair Shop

A List of Things To Do

Red cup of coffee on note saying Find something positive in every situation.Why would I write this “piece of fluff” about a list of things to do to prevent “dying of boredom?” Beee Cuzzz my vehicle has been dysfunctional since October 2017 (it now is October 2018, and fixing it has stumped the best of several mechanics.) Therefore, comma, I’ve spent a lot of time fidgeting and fighting boredom while I waited for a diagnosis or for the crew to try yet another idea. It’s a time management issue when a person has many responsibilities. One day, I decided to spend time thinking about new ways to spend the hours constructively, so, here are a few suggestions which may benefit you no matter where you have a long wait.

glasses on eye chartfigure with giant picture and a check listFirst, you might wind up making a list or two, so take your smart phone, iPad, or laptop with you. Don’t forget your glasses, if you need them!

List of Writing Projects To Do

keyboard, coffee, pencils and paper to make lists

  • Write a blog  – or ten – and then schedule it/them to post on whatever dates you choose.
  • Dream up a poem. (Try not to include the cursing and criticisms you are thinking about your vehicle and/or the mechanics.)
  • Write thank you notes.
  • Prepare a note of appreciation to someone whom you rarely contact, but who has made a positive difference in your life.
  • Create a review of someone’s blog, project, or webpage and give it to them as a gift.
  • Write recommendations or testimonials for people whom you would like to support.
  • Reminisce and then write a chapter of your autobiography – for publication or to leave to your descendants.  You can Click Here to get tips on choosing your “voice” (writing style) for projects that are for publication.

List of Personal “Inventories”

red coffee cup and napkin with words: Note to self: keep trying, stay positive, be grateful, become better

  • Make a list of your best and worst personality traits.
  • Make a list of your spouse’s best and worst personality traits.
  • Then, make another list of your children’s and/or co-workers best and worst personality traits.
  • Review the lists and contemplate how you might resolve conflicting styles, beliefs, values, and goals.
  • Think of inventive ways to punish your children in constructive and educational ways.

To Do List of “Life Maintenance” Tasks

Magnifying glass on calendarPut stuff on your annual calendar – like when

  • your vehicle inspection sticker or tags are due
  • it is time to change the smoke alarm batteries
  • you should schedule your annual physical/mammogram or other appointments you usually forget
  • it’s time to change the clocks for (or against) Daylight Savings Time.

Other reminders might be

  • time to water or prune the plants
  • birthdays of people for whom you care enough to remember

Trust me, even that gets boring, so what other suggestions do I have?

Suggestions for your Reading To Do List

bookworm with glasses re voice of characters in book

A couple of ideas:

  • If you’re going to read online, take something bigger than a smartphone to make it easier for your eyes to stick with it and to stay healthy.
  • Read something that is different from your usual fare.
  • While you’re reading, think about ideas in that material that would make a good blog, article, or book that YOU could write.

Things To Do Besides Making A List or Reading

Green and red fruits carved into shapes

Create new recipes in your mind to try when you get home.

pencil graphic for designers and architects

Design a room, a house, a garden, or an office in your mind or on paper.

It is time for a new job - handwriting on a napkin with a blue cup of espresso coffee

Update your résumé.

Think about your skills, your goals, and what additional education or tools you need to succeed.

You can make it through! Handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee.

Create or update a budget.

Make yourself proud - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

Update your business mileage records.

If you believe in yourself anything is possible - handwriting on a napkin with a red cup of espresso coffee

Think of a major decision you need to make (or several smaller ones).

Feel free to review Decision Making Tips and Things to Consider.

Nancy Wyatt

woman with cleaning suppliesI have a bunch of other ideas. However, one thing on my list was to finish the flood cleanup on my property and in my house. Therefore, comma, I’d better get in gear and go DO IT!


If you try some of these ideas, let me know how the suggestions worked for you. Cheers!

Do It the Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!



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