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What You Will Learn In My FREE 79-Page-Long Presenter Guidebook for Public Speakers, Trainers, and People Responsible for Outsourcing Presentations

The Presenter Guidebook is divided into three sections on topics speakers should consider.

Things to Research Before Creating Content

the number 1 on red background in Presenter GuidebookThere is much to investigate before creating content (including audience characteristics, detailed venue evaluations, as those factors will affect what you present and how you present it.)

I also cover topics like copyright laws for both text and images, and I share suggestions for images that may be used without charge – even for commercial purposes.

Further, I discuss planning for second language or sign language interpreters, whether to use icebreakers, using training or other presentations as a management tool, and more.

In addition, I suggest considering whether you might want to publish your presentation later, how to handle being a panelist with people who do/don’t agree with your worldview, and also dressing appropriately for the occasion, as well as for the impression you want to make..

I also give tips for how to time yourself.

Things We Usually Ignore Until It’s Too Late

the number 2 on a blue background for Guide for Presentersabout advance planning for logistics, contingency plans, and “getting there.”


Things That Affect Our Reputations and Eat Up Presentation Time

the number 3 on an orange background for Presenter Guidebookthings that happen after you get there, including sales opportunities and challenging surprises that eat into your presentation time and style. The latter includes amenities, protocols, handling late-comers, technical issues, the unexpected appearance of VIPs who want special treatment, etc.

If you want more details, see the Table of Contents below to learn what specific sub-topics are included.

pencil and clipboard holding checklistThese guidelines work equally well for presenters, event coordinators, teachers, trainers, public speakers, and for people who want to know what to look for in candidates and venues when they are outsourcing the functions to a contractor. As an inclusion, I’ve provided a checklist that you can customize to your needs.

It’s Up To You!

purple thought balloon with OMG! in the center!This is the strangest post I’ve ever done because I am giving you the Table of Contents, rather than the contents! Why would I do that? Because this handbook really is 79 (yes, seventy-nine) pages long, and that is too long for a post, even for a person as verbose as I am.

(I keep picturing a Medieval heralder at the gates of the palace reading to the peasants from a scroll so long it unravels down the path like a parchment-colored red carpet! – Sorry – that was the creative writer in me imagining.)

golden shiny vintage hot offers 3D vector icon seal sign button shield star, saying "Hot Offers," with checkmarkSo, what you really want is to ask me for the FREE eBook that gives you all this detailed content (including links) as you prepare to be a first-class presenter or to find an excellent speaker and a great venue.

Email me at and put “Request for Presenter Guidebook” in the subject line, so that your request does not get lost in the thousands of emails I get.

I PROMISE NOT to bombard you with emails or ads if you request the Presenter Guidebook!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me About Public Speaking and Training?

Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, author of Presenter Guidelines

Most of you have never met me, so here is some additional information to acquaint you with my background as the basis for writing and sharing this information.

Complex Training Examples

I have an extensive background in private industry, higher education, non-profits, and state government. You can Click Here to view samples of complex training that I have conducted. I write, edit, critique, create documentation, teach and train on both technical and non-technical subject matter. Most of the classes I teach are in the areas of holistic healing, personal growth, and meditation.

Writing, Editing, Teaching, Consulting

As a professional writer, editor, and trainer, I first published the “chapters” in the Presenter Guidebook over several years as individual posts on one of My Persuasive Presentations, LLC’s websites: In the future, you can go to that website to check for updated information and new posts on additional topics related to this theme. also is where you can find the products and services I offer as a writer, editor, creator of infographics for presenters, and teacher of classes for both groups and individuals.

Chats & Techniques To De-Stress Presenters

Many of my personal consulting offerings use techniques to help you stress less, overcome fears or limiting beliefs, brainstorm, and gain deep insights into yourself, situations, or problem resolution.

I am certified in transpersonal hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, life coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and many other techniques which help people overcome doubt, confusion, fears, procrastination, etc. See my other website for the list of certifications.

As always, a free initial consultation is yours for any product or service I offer. It’s easy to check in periodically through Sip & Share on Zoom sessions, too.

This Presenter Guidebook Is for Everyone ~

From Corporate Trainers to

Those Giving One Speech Ever In Their Whole Lives!

I composed some sections specifically to address corporate training, but most concepts are similarly applicable to diverse presentations outside of a work environment.

In addition, although the emphasis is on in-person events, many of the concepts apply equally to online presentations and to mixed online/in-person events.

The Presenter Guidebook – Infamous Table of Contents!

a red panic button

So, if you have to give a presentation or do a series of training classes, don’t panic. When you get the document, you can review all the things you need to consider among these many topics.


  1. Foreword
  2. In Twenty-Five Words or Less: You Will Learn About Many Things To Consider
  3. Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
  4. Learn More About the Author’s Background
  5. Are You Conducting Company Training or Giving Just One Speech About a Topic You Love?
  6. Training Series #1 – Construct Company Training Programs
  7. FOCUS
  8. Training or Presentations ~ Scope and Limitations
  9. Selecting the Topic
  10. Effective Training is About Having
  11. Clear Purpose, Attainable Goals, and Excellent Communication
  12. It Takes Two (or More) to Communicate
  13. Uh Oh!  …   BUT ~ The Show Must Go On ….
  14. Consider Generational and Cultural Differences
  15. Characteristics of the Trainees / Audience
  16. A Case Study
  17. Respect the Trainees
  18. Company Training Classes for Groups
  19. It’s Not Just Training; It’s a Management Tool for Success
  20. Management Goals Versus Front-Line Realities
  21. Company Training Classes for Individuals
  22. The Company Training Facilities
  23. Training Series #2 – Evaluating Venues
  24. What Trainers and Speakers Should Know About a Venue BEFORE Creating Presentations!
  26. The Training
  27. Scouting Out How a Venue Will or Will Not Meet Your Needs
  28. (Interested in Vetting Me?)
  29. Evaluating Training Venues in Terms of Marketing
  30. Evaluating Venues for Items That Will Affect Your Audience and Your Performance in Classes
  31. Sample Checklist for Evaluating Venues and Who Is Responsible for What
  32. More Resources
  33. Want to Talk More About Giving Presentations? Free Consult!
  34. Training Series #3 – Amenities and Protocols to Consider Before Creating Content
  35. It’s NOT True!
  37. Breakout Sessions Often Take Longer Than You Plan
  38. Amenities & Protocols to Consider BEFORE Conducting Training and Other Presentations.
  39. Do You Need/Want A Sign Language or Foreign Language Interpreter?
  40. Using Your Booking as a Marketing Opportunity
  41. Might You Have to Introduce VIPs to the Audience?
  42. Amenities and Protocols | Will There Be Food And / Or Drinks?
  43. Amenities and Protocols | Deciding What to Wear
  44. It’s Not Funny – or Shouldn’t Be Unless You’re A Comedian.
  45. Next Up: The Preparation Phase for Creating Training Content
  46. Free Initial Consultation
  47. Training Series #4 – More Research & Tips for Timing Presentations
  48. More Research!
  50. Step One: What Are You Forgetting?
  51. It’s as Easy as ……………………………….
  52. But It Takes Time to Do More Research!
  53. Think About These Things
  54. Step Two: Conduct More Research and Plan Your Options for These Important Contingencies
  55. Tic Toc – It’s All About Time, Timing, and Being Timely
  57. When Logistics Go Cuckoo
  59. The Sound and the Fury ……
  60. Opening Gambits ~ Questions for You
  61. What to Do About Those Habitual Late-Comers…..
  62. Participant Introductions?
  63. Are You Going to Offer Special Deals or Products? You Have More Research to Do!
  64. Questions About Sales, Displays, Processes and Volume May Require Additional Research
  65. Research Your Options for When Technology Goes Kerflooey!
  66. Employ Your Backup Plan Fairly Quickly
  67. Is Your Presentation Interactive? If Yes, Can You Speed Things Up with Software?
  68. Even Use of Supplies May Require Inquiries
  69. Keeping Them Awake
  70. Planning for Questions
  71. (Online and In-Person)
  72. What If … You Won’t Take Questions During the Presentation?
  73. Do You Need Time for Group Reports After Breakout Sessions or for Evaluations at the End?
  74. Question: Will You Issue Certificates, Awards, Gifts, Raffle Items?
  75. Do You Need Time for Clean-up?
  76. Also, Do You Have to Wait for Other Speakers to Do Something Before You Can?
  77. Tips for Timing Your Presentation
  78. How Fast Do You or Should You Talk?
  79. Here are Factors to Consider
  80. Time Yourself
  81. One More Time! Who Is Your Audience?
  82. FOCUS – Don’t Wander
  83. Training Series #5 – Content Development
  84. Are You on a Panel or Part of a Team-Teaching Group?
  85. Make Inquiries About Co-Hosts and Panelists Before You Tackle Content Development
  86. Who is Your Audience?
  87. Written, Oral, or Video Content Development
  88. All of the Above?
  89. Might You Also Publish Your Work Later?
  90. One Presentation BUT ~
  91. Different Goals for Differing Recipients ~
  92. Effects on Content Development
  93. Do You Also Want to Publish It Later? (As a Book, a Thesis, a White Paper?)
  94. Research These ATTRIBUTES in the Prospective Attendees
  95. Participant Attitude Toward You and Course or Speech Content
  96. What You Think of Me Is None of My Business, Except When I am a Presenter
  97. Ask Questions!
  98. Copies, Copyrights, Formats and Planned Stinginess
  99. in Content Development
  100. Presenter Media
  101. Topic Selection Within the Subject Matter
  102. Step Three: What More Research & Materials Are Needed for Content Development?
  103. Will You Use Ice Breakers?
  104. When Is It Important to Use an Ice Breaker?
  105. Introductory Ice Breakers for Co-Workers in a Training Session
  106. Ice Breakers Help When Participants Do Not Know Each Other
  107. Ethnic and Cultural Differences
  108. Technical Training for “Non-Techie” People
  109. Unfamiliar Topics And / Or
  110. They Don’t Know You, and You Don’t Know Them
  111. Helping Attendees Know Each Other Better
  112. Things to Try
  113. If It’s All Just Too Much and You’d Like a Free Consult
  114. Free Initial Consultation
  115. Fees by the Hour or by the Project (Learn More)
  116. Reduced Rate for VIP Clients Who Have a Retainer Contract (Learn More)
  117. How to Make Payments Directly to My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

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Simply email me at and put “Request for Presenter Guidebook” in the subject line, so that your request does not get lost in the thousands of emails I get.

I PROMISE NOT to bombard you with emails or ads if you request the Presenter Guidebook!

Do It The Write Way! Let My  Fingers Do Your Talking!



About Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

In addition to being a writer/editor, creator of infographics, and a highly engaging presenter and trainer, I am an ethical, energetic, and multi-faceted manager, demonstrably successful in directing human and financial resource allocation, contract administration, policies and procedures development, and supervisory functions. I have managed diverse departments, ranging from business offices to police, to name only two, while working for multi-national corporations, non-profits, higher education, state government, and small businesses. I have created extensive procedures, manuals, and training programs. I use the Internet, MS Office Suite, and presenter software. I have created 3 Word Press websites "from scratch." I sell photos on merchandise at My earned reputation is for fair play and for keeping people informed at all levels. I am praised often for my communication skills, which include listening, public speaking, writing and editing, training, and interpersonal relationships with people of all ages, cultures and hierarchical levels. An example of a presentation is "How To Start A Business," for which I provide extensive notes in English and Spanish. Seminars on many topics may be booked through my website or by calling me. You also may hire me to create/and or present new teaching or training projects!

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