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August 2021 ~ I’m getting serious about memes and quotes now! – Chirp! Chirp! I hope you’ll keep coming back for the new goodies to be posted before the end of the year.

"Good Morning" words overlaid on photo of huge yellow sunflowers + purple blossoms

First, Let Me Explain

Skip This If You Don’t Care and Just Want to See the Pics Below. Just Scroll Down Fast to

“OK – Back to Nancy’s Novelty Memes & Quotes!”smiley face winking - writing your own references for others

Explanations (3)

blue icon for JPEG by Shari Jo1) The items in the Memes and Quotes Collection are available as JPEG (photo) images that you can use as slides or as prints.

The JPEGs make great images for presentations, screen-savers, Notes to Self, etc.

red shopping bag by FajarBud186 of Pixabay2) Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products. You also can purchase many of these images already placed on all kinds of merchandise, such as mugs, tote bags and pouches, clothing (for men, women, children, and infants), home decor (towels, shower curtains, duvet covers, fleece blankets, throw pillows, wall art, and more), puzzles, phone chargers and covers, greeting cards, spiral notebooks, facemasks, and much more. You can find and purchase the images on merchandise on my Fine Arts of America website:

Satisfaction GuaranteeI have over 60 collections of over 500 images on Pixels. As of 9-15-21, I’ve had over 117,000 visitors checking them out! Join ’em!

Only one collection is for Memes and Quotes.

Best Cattleya from Nancy's Novelty Photos on PixelsThe rest cover a variety of themes from holidays to sports, from flowers to political and activism concepts, and more.

They make great, inexpensive gifts for all occasions and for yourself or others.

3) Nancy’s Novelty Infographics are for meetings, conferences, and retreats. So, let’s take a sec to distinguish between the infographics and the other memes and quotes After that, I’ll show you a variety of the latter. I  promise.

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics for Presenters and Event Coordinators are Different

business infographics - stay mutedI’ve designed infographics for use online or during in-person sessions, like Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc.

They are for use by hosts, presenters, event coordinators, trainers, and for use in long meetings, conferences, and retreats, etc. They cover these kinds of breaks.

Coffee Breaks | Lunch/Dinner Breaks | Free Time | Ice-Breakers | Breakout Exercises | Meditation & Mindfulness Moments | Housekeeping | Tech Issues and Messages
Off the Shelf or Customized for Your Project

3 Quick Pics of Nancy’s Novelty Infographics Before We Go to Memes & Quotes

Nancy’s Novelty Infographics.  To see several of those infographics, Click Here.  Here are three examples to show you the difference. They come in many themes, from sports to business, to meditation, to gardening, etc., depending on your needs. Some are elegant; some humorous; simple to complex.

Break to fix tech problems - infographic of computer on fire


Rainbow=colored coffee cups in an arc. "Lets Take a Break. Help Yourself To Coffee and Tea."

business infographics - Welcome to the Waiting Room

OK – Back to Nancy’s Novelty Memes & Quotes

Below are samples and details about how to get in touch with me, if you want to purchase existing JPEGs or to have me create new ones for you.

Two arrows pointing in opposite directions. One for Hope; the other for Despair by Gerd Altmann

"love people who hate you ... It won't just change their life ... It'll change yours."

Sticky notes saying, "Put your ideas into writing."

"Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different." ~ Stephen King

"You had me at Aloe. Have a wonderful day." words overlaid on image of an aloe vera cactus.

"A goal lasts until you achieve a certain objective or change course. A mission is forever." ~ Sam Stone

"Refuse to let an old person move into your body." ~ Wayne Dyer

"Hope is not a resting place, but a starting place: a cactus, not a cushion."

"Flowers don't tell, they show." ~ Stephanie Skeem

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier! Quote

Pink blossoms and the words" Commit an act of love today"

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Have a Blessed Day and Be a Blessing to Others Quote

Social Media & Presentation Content ~ Memes, Quotes, & Infographics

Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, author of Presenter GuidelinesAs described above, I create memes, quotes, and infographics for my own use in presentations and on social media.

I also develop them as a service to clients.

In that process, I borrow quotes from others with credit to them whenever the originator is known. At other times, I quote myself!

Similarly, I use images – with permission – from other photographers and artists. I also use my own.

Need Memes for Your Project?

Magenta icon for Contact Us

To learn more, just send an email to and put “Memes & Quotes Inquiry” in the subject line.

Free Consultation

I offer a free, initial consultation (of roughly 30 minutes) about your project. When we talk, we’ll discuss your needs and decide whether I am the person best suited to help. Chances are, we’ll be talking via a Zoom meeting that I’ll create for us.

Below are more examples.

Memes and Quotes May Be Part of Your Infographics Package

These Memes and Quotes can be used as “stand-alone” images, or they can be added to your selection of Nancy’s Novelty Infographics for meetings and presentations.

Again, if you want details,

Magenta icon for Contact Us

To learn more, just send an email to and put “Memes & Quotes Inquiry” in the subject line.

Free Consultation

I offer a free, initial consultation (of roughly 30 minutes) about your project. When we talk, we’ll discuss your needs and decide whether I am the person best suited to help. Chances are, we’ll be talking via a Zoom meeting that I’ll create for us.

How to Make Payments Directly to

My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

Zelle logo

PayPal logo

The price is $8 per meme, with the unit price lessened when you buy more than one. I’ll use the same scale as I do for presentation infographics. Click Here and scroll down for payment and pricing details.

I will provide you with an address to which you can transfer money to my bank (Zelle) or PayPal account. Zelle omits the fees that PayPal charges.

I don’t take credit cards. However, if you need to pay me by check, I’ll start work after your check clears.

What Are the Copyright Rules Applicable to Memes?

copyright icon by Gerd AltmannMy work is copyrighted. You may not use it without purchasing the items and/or getting my express, written permission (which I include with purchases, also).

If you want to create your own memes and infographics,  you might want to learn more about this subject, so I’ll giving you a starting point to research it with This Link.

Briefly, “You have much more leeway to copy from a factual work than you do from a creative one, which is a helpful fact to keep in your back pocket for the next time an Instagram commenter accuses you of infringement.”

Nancy creates memes, quotes, and infographics

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do  Your Talking!

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