#vss365 #prompt #Aug 29-Sep 4, 2021

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt #vss365Hello, #vss365 #prompt (or Wannabe) People! Here are some sample posts that I put on my @NancyKnowsLife Twitter page for this week covering late August and early September. Of course, like many of you, I expect to publish some or all of these in a book, so I reserve the right to change wording and pictures. Typically, when I write these, I have only five minutes to find out what the word of the day is, create something in poetry or prose, find a picture, and then stick it on Twitter! That does not always bring out the best in me!

What About You? Do You Want to Joint the #vss365 #prompt Challenges?

figure leaning on red exclamation pointYou can play, too, by just searching for #vss365 (very short stories – every day of the year – in poetry or prose) and #prompt. When you do that, you’ll see what the word of the day is. Just follow the easy instructions from whoever the facilitator is. Here’s the link, and all are welcome, including people who’ve never written before.

smiley face winking - writing your own references for othersIf you want to learn more about submitting your goodies as part of a Guest Contributor project, Click Here.  I’m just starting it, so you might get in “on the ground floor.” No experience necessary!

Let’s look at some examples now.

September 4, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #rock

words playing with #prompt #rock

September 3, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #dock

What’s going on?

What time is it?

Where are my photos?

What to do in an emergency?

Got movies?

Got music?

Got emails?

Only if you have a #dock on which to charge

The love it/hate it phone!

phone charging #dock

September 2, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #shock

We worked together all day, every day

With lots of overtime in the evenings and on weekends.

We spent most nights together and made plans together.

So, imagine my #shock when you, inexplicably, put me in a taxi

And said you’d call me later.

When you didn’t, and I called you twenty times, finally, you answered and …

I heard a woman’s voice in the background laughing and telling you to get off the phone

At 3 a.m.

a reddened eye with a tear as it gazes at the reflection of a man and woman kissing

September 1, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #clock

#vss365 #prompt #clock #poem

August 31, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #drift

#vss365 #prompt #drift #prose

I’ve been on hold long enough

For one phone’s battery to die.

My thoughts #drift so far away

I almost can’t remember whom I called or why.


I think of lost loves …

What’s for dinner …


“All representatives are currently helping other customers.”


Oh yeah, “payment overdue” on a bill I already paid. Damn!

August 30, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #stare

#vss365 #prompt #stare

The doctor said she was sorry to inform me I have AIDS.

All I could do was #stare.

No more words were audible as I fell down a whole into total the total and turmoil darkness of fear.

Endless moments later, I saw a pinprick of White Light. Just a small dot. I concentrated on that dot and watched it grow as I took control of what was left of my life. Recovered from addiction. Played music again. Died knowing I was dearly loved.

August 29, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #flaw


She scans the visage for a #flaw

And finds that one blemish

Makes her beautiful face ugly.

He scans the visage for a #flaw

And finds all that makeup

Makes her beautiful face ugly.


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