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How to Choose Your Voice (Style) for Any Writing Project

What Does “Voice” Mean?

bookworm with glasses re voice of characters in bookUnless you’re a professional writer, you may be unfamiliar with the term, “Voice.” It refers to the style, tone, format, and language used in writing projects. Here are some examples. The language could be very formal, as in a scientific paper with references and footnotes. It could be “colloquial,” as in employing slang or idiomatic language peculiar to a particular region of a country. You might elect to write in poetry instead of prose. Your language could be authoritarian, educational, or persuasive. You may choose to write in a staccato fashion with short, simple, almost bulleted statements. For other audiences, you might choose a more flowery, descriptive, flowing design.

Which Voice Should You Choose?

stick figure making decison about which voice to useYou may be writing correspondence, documenting an event, scripting a play, or creating a proposal. Regardless, the Voice can make the difference between success and failure. There are myriad styles of Voice. They give individuality to characters in your book or which could persuade investors reading your business plan. Choose the style and format that best suits your purposes. Keep in mind the nature of your audience and how you want people to understand or react to your words. Are you trying to make them laugh or cry? Do you want them to invest in your business? Is it your goal to convince them that climate change is influenced by mankind? What is your objective and Why? Those answers will guide you as to How to craft your work. Continue reading

2018 Decision-Making Tips & Tools


Using Helpful Decision-Making Tools


Answer honestly. Why are you engaged in decision-making now?  Is it about a problem? Is it about a long-standing wish to be fulfilled? What pressures are you experiencing to make a decision (internal and/or external)?  Is it Big, Little, or In-Between? NOTE:

  1. A Big situation is being a refugee from a war zone, or facing homelessness THIS AFTERNOON, or being in an abusive situation, to include things like sex and slave trafficking, all of which is rampant on earth at this writing.stick figure making decison about which path to follow
  2. A Little situation is not being able to decide which pattern you want for your new, mostly affordable bathroom makeover, or choosing which networking events to attend, or deciding whether to drive or fly to your Mother-in-Law’s house.
  3. An In-Between situation is being given a warning diagnosis and considering health and life-style options related to that. Maybe it’s finding a job when you DO have the required knowledge, skills, and abilities and jobs are available. Perhaps you must choose between work you love, which pays less and work which bores you, but pays more.


  1. Unless you are in a Big Situation, you are safe, have options, and can take a moment to calm yourself before  contemplating your decisions and your decision-making process.
  2. If you are in a Big Situation, it is likely you will need to find or research external resources to help you, so add that to your decision-making steps. Let’s go through some suggestions for making excellent choices now.

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Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Tao Te Ching

Speaking of the Unspeakable Which is Unknowable and Inexpressible

Nancy WyattThis topic is on my mind today because it creates problems for me. It’s about providing wisdom…or not. I am a personal growth and spiritual guidance teacher. I also offer writing and editing services and teach basic business and presentation topics. However, the greatest challenge I face in the first categories is the total failure of words to encompass the concepts. As a Life Coach and as a writer, I know the ideas I want to convey are greatly reduced by the use of words.

Reiki symbol wisdomAnyone who practices (or experiences) Reiki and other healing techniques knows exactly what I mean. There are no words which wholly depict the experience. Physical and spiritual sensations may manifest as radiance, heat, healing, tingling, and sacredness. It is true regardless of whether one is giving or receiving Reiki. But those words are insufficient descriptions and serve to unduly limit a limitless awareness. It’s kind of like using the word “God” to describe “God.”

Contemplation of this dilemma leads me back to one of my favorite teachings: the Tao Te Ching. 

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feet + hands of homeless man picking up coins. has no voice

Homeless – Unforgettable Characters in a Shelter

depressed homeless child on streetIn honor of National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, November 11 – 19, I offer this script, which is about Real People whom I met while volunteering at a very large shelter in Washington, D.C.


(c) 1990          Nancy Wyatt          All Rights Reserved

How many of you read Reader’s Digest – that section where people write about their “most unforgettable character?”  I should write one of those articles, ‘cuz I met some truly unforgettable characters while living in the shelter!

Like “Blossom,” for example.  Blossom is a man, but not an ordinary man.  He’s a clown!  A real clown, who dresses up each day in a Scottish kilt, wearing silly bloomers underneath.  He paints his white face even whiter and adds big red lips outlined in black.  Then he sticks a red ball on his nose, puts on an orange wig, and does magic tricks and pantomime.

Blossom makes toy poodles and hearts by twisting balloons into shapes.  I never can figure out why the balloons don’t pop when he does that!  He performed at the White House and for children’s parties all over the city.  But, clown work is seasonal!  Who would have thought that?  (pause)  He sure does when he runs out of money each year!  Yes, Blossom is unforgettable.

Another colorful character at the shelter is built like a Mac truck.  I first saw him while sitting in a recovery meeting for addicts and alcoholics.  Suddenly, in walked this well-known boxer.

In fact, during the time I spent at the shelter, I met three boxers – all trying to stay clean – and all fighting better than ever – in the ring and in life!  Listening to their stories of the rise from the streets to fame and back again makes them unforgettable, too.


There is one guy – whose name I won’t mention.  He is unforgettable, but I’d like to forget him!  I thought he was just another shelter person, at first.  But, something was different about him.  It turns out he is an undercover agent, spying on the people and trying to find out what goes on in the shelter.  He is always trying to act like everybody else.  I guess that is what made me suspicious.  He is always trying.  He is always acting.

I suppose they have to have people like that, because of the drug problems;  but, it is very questionable to me.  Innocent people should not be under surveillance.  What about the right to privacy?  Who knows he is there?  Who hired him?  The shelter?  The police?  Do the shelter operators even know he is there?                             H-mm.

Later I learned that he is only one of many people doing the same thing!  Some are writing a thesis or a book.  Some are conducting investigations.  Some are bounty hunters – for real – just like in the movies!  Some just want to know what it is like to be homeless.  They are unforgettable all right.  It still feels like an invasion of privacy to me!


Not all the unforgettable characters are humans!  I don’t know if this is typical of other shelters; but, at the shelter where I stayed, there are cats.  Dogs and cats, but mostly cats.  (pause)  Of course, since most shelters have rats, that’s probably a good idea when you think about it!  Among the cat population, Spike definitely qualifies as the most unforgettable character.  An orange and white thug, he is a serious panhandler, who thinks the whole shelter is his turf!  He hunts, scratches, and snores wherever he wants to.  The joint is his.  We all clear a path for his royal highness!


In the women’s shelter, Iris is my most unforgettable character.  She always wears a turban and beautifully draped, flowing garments made of brightly colored sheets.  She looks like an African queen.

Iris has been in and out of shelters many times before.  But, this time, she found God and talks about Him to anyone who will listen.  She organized the women, and they put on a talent and fashion show.  But, she was barred from the shelter.  I’m not sure why.  She is so unusual people think she is either a complete basket-case or a living saint, who is truly upscale on the evolutionary ladder.


And, then there’s Floyd.  Talk about unforgettable!  Sometimes he performs with us.  But, Nancy says he comes in and out of her life like the seasons.  You never know where he’ll be from one day to the next. He is young, but he’s an old-timey preacher, like they have down South.  He talks as fast as any auctioneer; speaks in tongues; and is prone to catch the Spirit in the middle of a sermon or a song.

Lord, can he sing!  He directed our 8 person a capella shelter choir in a competition against church choirs which had 30 full-time singers, expensive robes, pianists, and regular rehearsals!  Guess what!  We blew the house down!  We were the very best (except for two elderly sisters who had had about sixty years more practice!)  Floyd did us proud!  Nancy was stompin’ and clappin’ along with the rest of us.  She’s our biggest fan, even though she can’t sing a lick!


But, not everyone is an unforgettable character.  I’ve seen politicians, programmers, mechanics, musicians, professors and tennis pros, – you name it – they live in the shelters.  Most of them are just nice people.  Like another guy who used to perform with us.  He entered the shelter as one more adolescent whose soul was lost to drugs. He got into a recovery program while he was homeless.  Now, he’s been clean for about 6 years; has a job, a wife and 2 kids; and is back in school.

As a matter of fact, you could say the same thing about me, except that I’ve already had one wife and do not want another!  I am back in college.  I supervise 25 employees in a prominent government agency.  And, I’ve done a few things.  My debut as an actor occurred the first time we played before members of Congress and the cast of  Les Miserables.  I only had one week to learn the part.  I was broken in fast!  (pause)  Oh yes, I sing with my church choir, too.


But, if I had to pick my most unforgettable character at the shelter, it would be the one and only Mitch Snyder.  What a controversial figure!  Whatever you thought of him, he thought he was:  brave…bullheaded…dedicated…discontent…strong…weak…eloquent…driven…and, yes, unforgettable.  In any case, he touched all our lives and helped save some of them.  We – and countless hundreds of other people – thank him for that.  He did what he could do.  The rest is up to each of us.

And that includes YOU!

More Scripts About People Who Were Homeless

Volunteer work with homeless people was one of the greatest joys of my life. Try it! You’ll get far more out of it than you give. Learn more, or check out my Playbook of dramatic readings by and for Real homeless people, who told me their individual stories. It is called 3 Hots and a Cot.  The playbook and rights to perform are available on my website Scripts for All Occasions.

Do It the Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

Trying Prezi Vs. PowerPoint

What does Prezi have to do to with Lyme Disease?

Dr. and patient, Lyme Disease Prezi presentationAnswer: Nothing. It’s just that I contracted Lyme Disease this summer. Since I use holistic healing products and techniques, several people want to follow my progress. Thus, against my will, I decided to create yet another Facebook page to help them find my suggestions easily. It’s called, Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More. It is “under construction,” as I’ve been too busy to do much with it, other than to mention how much ASEA has helped my immune system fight back. I’ll also blog about it, occasionally, on my other website, For now, I just want to let folks know what kinds of information I’ll be sharing on that FB page. Typically, I create presentations in PowerPoint and convert the slides to narrated videos. This time, I decided to try Prezi for the Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More introduction. But, there are problems.

Prezi – Questions Needing Answers

  • I think the viewer has to have a Prezi account to see it.
  • It works only on the Prezi platform.
  • I can’t see how to convert it to video with narration, but I’ve only played with it for about an hour, so maybe the capability is there.
  • The user has to wait for the presentation to upload and then (magically) know that (s)he must click on the presentation and on the arrows at the bottom to advance each slide. People are used to videos and just want them to play! Not good.

Prezi presentation teaching classes at white boardNote: It’s great if I were presenting in person. I could click on any of the topics, as the audience asked questions, and could go “out-of-order” and then return to my intended sequence. Obviously, that works better than if I were presenting a video, and it’s done more easily than when I’m presenting in PowerPoint.

Keyboard button Feedback re PreziIf you have the time, I’d love for you to click on the link to view the presentation and then share your comments about the software (not the content about Lyme disease). I want to know whether you could access and view the presentation and how it worked for you. If you have used Prezi and have tips for new users, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your input. (Keep it professional. No cursing or diatribes allowed.)

Clearly, I need to experiment more with this, before coming to conclusions about Prezi, but let’s face it. My September blog is due because September is over! So, I’m going with this now! Here’s the link…. Tyme 2 Talk Lyme + More

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

Parenting Your SELF & Other Self-Care Topics

Parenting Principles Apply to All People!

video pink glossy icon parenting

Invitation to Parenting Your SELF

This class provides some fascinating insights into how a person can change behaviors for the better. This relates to accomplishing all kinds of goals, like weight loss, ending procrastination, and a million more subjects! It’s worth taking a look! Here are some details.

girl eating banana - parentingRecently, I discovered a great set of questions and suggestions about parenting children. It dawned on me that these same “rules” would be truly beneficial if used differently. We could apply them as we pursue our own personal growth. They apply when we are parenting adult children who have “bounced back” and now are living with us. They also may be useful if we are taking care of our own mothers and fathers as they age.

So, I tried it out – as a mini session when I presented for Women Helping Women Retreats. The participants received the concepts with enthusiasm, and we experienced new, profound insights. We easily could have spent a lot more time on these exercises without losing interest.

That beneficial experience prompted me to develop a more in-depth class. We are going to explore ourselves in these contexts and see what answers emerge to assist us, no matter whom we are “parenting.” The July 13th sessions will be held at Rising Phoenix Holistic Center in Manassas, VA. I’m offering the class from 3 – 5 and again from 6:30 – 8:30. You also can book me to teach the class in other locales by contacting me for a free initial consultation about what works for you or your group. I do classes for individuals and for groups, in-person and (some) on-line. 🙂

gold and black medallion for hot offers re parentingAs usual, you will receive thorough handouts. Participants also are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of my customized HypnoMeditation to help integrate what we learned plus a FREE copy of my brand new Workbook. This Workbook is the beginning of a series of Workbooks that I’ll be publishing. The first is a “Starter Kit” which provides the steps to take at the beginning of any self-exploration session or coaching session. The Workbooks I do later will be a companion piece to classes I teach and all will be available for purchase separately on my websites.

Of course, I teach all kinds of classes.  Click here for a sampling.

I hope you can join us in the afternoon or at the evening session. You may pay at the door by cash or check made payable to My Persuasive Presentations.

Rising Phoenix is located across from the VRE station in Manassas, Virginia. In fact, you can get there easily from the VRE. If you drive, you’ll find Free parking 🙂

See you at Rising Phoenix! Let’s talk! Bring a friend!

Change your life

This is part of my Change Your Life (personal and business coaching). Let’s Change Our Lives Together Now!


Change Your Life – My New Meetup Group

Change Your Life Is My New Meetup Group in Northern Virginia

Change Your Life! Happy figures.

Hello, Soul Seekers and New Life Creators!

Nancy Wyatt, Change Your LifePeriodically, let’s take a time out from all our “must do” activities and obligations to re-acquaint ourselves with our own Inner Essence. We’ll explore body, mind, spirit, intuition, and emotions from many healthful viewpoints. Let’s get “Unstuck,” Stress Less, and create new and wonderful realities!

  • I offer extensive (typed) outlines for almost every class, so you can remember what we discussed and don’t have to spend all your time taking notes. (I use pictures for visual learners, too.)
  • Often, I provide useful, easy exercises or workbooks you can use for practice while achieving your goals.
  • Most classes end with a customized HypnoMeditation. You are eligible for a FREE copy of it after you attend the class.
  • An additional blessing is that you will meet a bunch of wonderful, like-minded people with whom to become friends. It’s a group of folks who are very supportive of one another. People of all races, religions, walks of life, and degrees of knowledge (from Novice to Master) are welcome in our meetings.
  • We rely on the Law of Attraction to bring together people of good will, high ethics, and a desire to explore how body, mind, spirit, and emotions may work together for the Highest  Good of All Concerned.

In other words, this is an opportunity for you to Join Us in the Change Your Life Meetup Group. We come together in various locations in the Northern Virginia area. By Fall, I hope to offer some of the sessions as webinars on-line also, since I have friends all over the USA and in other countries.

Sample of Topics for Change Your Life Classes (and Private Sessions)

Change Your Life logoWe shall talk about everything from hypnotherapy to techniques individuals use to overcome major life challenges. We’ll discuss techniques for recovering from major losses, things to do to get “unstuck,” imaginative ways of expressing emotions, and ideas for setting personal boundaries. I offer a series about various aging topics, self-care suggestions, and meditations. We’ll even offer classes on basic business and computer use topics for beginners. We keep learning (and sharing) new things! We found an in-depth study of the relationship between emotional issues and eyesight problems. We learned that both physical and metaphysical tools can be used to overcome both. Who knew?!

Change Your Life Is Not Just About Me ~

It’s Mostly About YOU!

Change Your LifeEssential lavendar oil in dark bottle with lavendar flowers sprigYou will tell me what topics most interest you. Maybe I won’t talk (almost) at all! We may have meetings wherein people demonstrate their arts, like Reiki, massage, jewelry, and art creations. We’ll showcase other products and services that members offer. We can practice NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), self-hypnosis, or learn how “Thoughts are Things” that influence everything we attract to us in our lives. The possibilities are great, and you will have an opportunity to give us direction and, perhaps, even to present a topic.  Click Here for a more complete list of offerings, but new classes are being created all the time, so this list is not all-inclusive.


Change Your Life – Just One Testimonial (There Are Others)  smiley face blowing kisses

Here is a comment from an adult learner (male business owner), who took one of my (long) classes.

“I first met Nancy as a student in a class she gave on Creativity Visualization. The class was amazing for its comprehensiveness and summary of various concepts in this field of spiritually. Since this first encounter, I have sought out Nancy’s advice. Nancy has provided excellent advice in a most professional manner. I have come to respect and value Nancy’s advice and counsel.”



Change Your Life figures in a circle in Class in circle Holistic HealingWe’ll begin again in the Summer, 2017, with a series on Self-Care, which will include learning why we say “yes,” when we want to say “no;” how to set boundaries; etc., There will be a free HypnoMeditation to help you in learning to respect and love yourself as much as your respect and love others who ask things of you.

Go to the Change Your Life Meetup site to keep up with our postings on new classes, as I keep updating them.

Change Your Life B2BI’ll continue working with BlossomforthRising Phoenix, and additional holistic and spiritual centers in the coming year. In the Fall, 2017, we’ll do a seminar and workshop introduction to the Akashic Records.

To join the group and/or RSVP for our meetings, go to Change Your Life on

yin/yang yoga graphic

Contact me with questions or to book these classes or private sessions separate from Meetup. I do this for groups and individuals. You and me, Babe!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Our Lives Together Now!

Last Will & Testament – Those Pesky Procrastination Provokers

SUNFLOWER SMILEY FACEAs a Change Your Life (personal coach) I recently taught a series of classes on “Self-Care.” While we usually think of that in terms of diet, exercise, and manicures, I decided to include a segment on areas most people choose to ignore until it is too late to have their wishes followed. Anyone can get into a car accident. Everyone is subject to the strange and destructive weather forces we are experiencing. Life happens. Be prepared for the unexpected.

One of my dearest young friends (and former employee) celebrated New Year’s Eve with a bit of alcohol. That drink quickly became a fatal mix with prescription medications she was taking. It was a dramatic and tragic end. Fortunately, she had taken out insurance polices for her newborn twins and their older brother, which has helped the grandmother in assuming the burden of taking on these infants and grandson late in life. It also ensured their future education. Young or old – whether it is about finances,  your computer files, your will, or whether you want a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate order) – here are some things to think about.

"smelling Like A Rose" happy faceI also can share an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) exercise to help you get over the procrastination which usually prevents our taking action. (You’ll come out “smelling like a rose” and will feel SO GOOD when you have accomplished these things!)  Continue reading

Abundance and Right Work Class Coming Up in April

Abundance & Right Work (w/bonus free Abundance Meditation)

Pot of Gold at end of rainbow Abundance Right WorkDo you feel lost? Can’t figure out what you want to be IF you grow up? Are you looking for some divine inspiration to help you figure out how to make money while doing something you love that benefits others? This class is for you!

This is my first Meetup at the Infinite Energy Holistic Center, so I hope lots of you will support us! We’ll take time for some discussion and my Abundance and Right Work meditation. It can be used either as a meditation (before or replayed (looped) during sleep). I’ve also used it as an affirmation to listen to while awake. (If I were customizing one of these meditations for you, it would be oriented toward your specific desires about how you want to Change Your Life. This one is more “generic.”)

People who attend this class on April 6th will be able to download a complimentary copy of the meditation after the class.

Abundance & Right Work Class

(w/bonus free Abundance Meditation)

WHEN: Thursday, April 6, 2017.  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Infinite Energy Holistic Center, 9028 Prince William St., Suite D, Manassas, VA

HOW MUCH: Price: $20.00 /per person. You may RSVP and pay on-line at my new Change Your Life Meetup group. To do that, just click on the Change Your Life link right here, and it will take you to the Meetup page. You also may pay by CASH OR CHECK (PAYABLE TO MY PERSUASIVE PRESENTATIONS) at the door. BUT I STILL NEED THE HEADCOUNT IN ADVANCE, SO LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING by emailing me at Thanks so much for your help with this.

Have a blessed day and hope to see you on April 6th!

Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Your Life Together!

Choosing Your Voice for a Writing Project

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Voice for a Writing Project

Definition of Voice

business coffee mugThe term “voice” is used to describe the style, tone, and format used in writing projects like literature, a presentation, or a theatrical production. There are many styles, and they can be combined. See what suits your purposes. Voice infuses personality into your work. By choosing your voice carefully, you can use it as a technique to provide continuity among seemingly unrelated events. You can use it to advance the scene from one situation to the next in a timeline. You also may employ it to provide the audience with a perspective which is different from what the characters “are seeing” while involved in the events you depict. Continue reading