Write by the Rails – Invitations to Participate: Poems | Short Snippets

Write by the Rails campaign uses poems, quotes, and short (Tweet-size) writings to promote the work of writers in Prince William County, Virginia. Here are some examples in case you want to participate. Continue Reading →

Training Series #2 – What Trainers Should Know About a Training Venue BEFORE Classes Start!

Nancy giving a PowerPoint training speech in a venue

There are always surprises when you’re training, but the venue basics should not be one of them. Get your questions answered in advance. Here is a checklist to help you, regardless of whether you’re doing the training or you want me to develop and present the materials. Continue Reading →

Speeches and PowerPoint Presentations

Nancy giving a PowerPoint training speech in a venue

Question: what do I love to do?     Answer: create persuasive speeches and training or classroom presentations! Question: what is the difference between any other speechwriter and me?     Answer: if Continue Reading →

How to Choose Your Voice (Style) for Any Writing Project

Voice refers to the style, tone, format, and language used in writing projects. What are some options and which should you choose? Continue Reading →

Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Tao Te Ching

As a Life Coach and as a provider of writing and editing services, I know the ideas I want to convey are greatly reduced by the use of words. Carry on after reminders from the Tao Te Ching. Continue Reading →

Trying Prezi Vs. PowerPoint

What does Prezi have to do to with Lyme Disease? Answer: Nothing. It’s just that I contracted Lyme Disease this summer. Since I use holistic healing products and techniques, several Continue Reading →

Parenting Your SELF & Other Self-Care Topics

Recently, I discovered a great set of questions and suggestions about parenting children. It dawned on me that these same “rules” would be truly beneficial if used differently. We could apply them as we pursue our own personal growth. They apply when we are parenting adult children who have “bounced back” and now are living with us. They also may be useful if we are taking care of our own mothers and fathers as they age. So, I tried it out – as a mini session when I presented for Women Helping Women Retreats. The participants received the concepts with enthusiasm, and we experienced new, profound insights. We easily could have spent a lot more time on these exercises without losing interest. Thus, I created an in-depth class for our self-exploration. You are invited! (If you cannot attend these sessions, you can book me for your own.) Continue Reading →