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You also can scroll beyond this week’s #vss365 entries to learn about a few additional writing prompt challenges plus other opportunities, as well as my services and how to contact me.

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Again, you can scroll fast to This Week’s #vss365 Samples if you don’t want to see the thought-to-contemplate, the idea to increase followers, and/or the intro to #vss365 #prompts.

The Thought / Motto for This Week

Actually, I have two for your contemplation. One is on this throw pillow.

Coffee Throw Pillow featuring the photograph Coffee and Chocolate by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt Hermann and Richter

Life is Hardly Worth Living Without Coffee and Chocolate Throw PIllow from Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products

AND, SERIOUSLY, the REAL Quote for the Week:

“Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.”

~W.H. Auden

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Later, you can Click Here to get the above image on coffee mugs, spiral notebooks, and many more products listed below.

Coffee Coffee Mug featuring the photograph Coffee and Chocolate by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt Hermann and Richter     Coffee Spiral Notebook featuring the photograph Coffee and Chocolate by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt Hermann and RichterCoffee and Chocolate iPhone Case

Why Am I Digressing?

To Introduce You to Something That Might Help You Gain an Audience for Your Work!

Special Collections for Writers and Poets


Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products

I’m in the midst of adding to the special collection for writers and poets. However, I’ve created many more themes (flowers, sports, activism, children, tech, landscapes, humor, fantasy, quotes, love, etc.).

You Can Do It, Too
Writers Puzzle featuring the mixed media Writers Read by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt and Sofia Livarinen

Writers Read Jigsaw Puzzle

If you don’t have time or the inclinations – or, if you just like one of the images in my collections – you can choose from my – or other artists’ – collections. But, if you like the idea, think creatively. Imagine …


mugs to shower curtains,

notebooks to yoga mats,

phone covers to beach towels,

t-shirts to greeting cards,

posters to puzzles,

all of them make great small to large gifts for ourselves, family, friends, and co-workers.

Importantly, they also work beautifully for visits to people in medical or other care facilities and for event gifts, raffles, and swag bags. I’ll give more examples below, but imagine if you put your logo, book covers, or a personal photo on these items, too.

For example, you could pair a copy of your book with a coffee mug and tote bag – all of which have your book cover image – in gifts to loved ones. Similarly, you could use some combination of items for promotional materials. More ideas follow.


I’m sprinkling many examples while spending time and space on this now to show you that it might be both fun and worth it for YOU to do something similar with your own photos.

As of this writing and without my advertising, over 135,350 people have viewed my site! (BTW: I forget to ask people to like, comment, and follow me on my many websites! Please follow me there if you visit.)

I’d love for you to buy some of my offerings – even as a “thank you” for teaching you this. However, if you participate with your own images, think of it as a way in which to attract new customers to your work.

You could put your logo, or your book cover, or other promo materials into images that go onto all the products listed below. They make great, inexpensive gifts.

You can use them as event gifts (as part of meal place settings, networking giveaways, raffles, swag bags, etc.), as well as in other promotional ways.

To truly class up your act with a professional theme, you also could combine the images with my presentation infographics for speakers and events, but that is an entirely different subject covered FAR below.)

It’s Easy and Fun

All you do is supply the image (which you own or for which you have usage rights). Pixels handles everything else (the financial transactions, manufacturing, and shipping.) It’s a great deal.

Pixels sez:

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve shipped over 1 million items worldwide for our 500,000+ artists.   Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

For your information, Fine Art America (Pixels) is the largest art site in the world with millions of paintings, photographs, and illustrations for sale from hundreds of thousands of living artists plus iconic brands.

If you scroll WAY DOWN, you’ll learn more about putting your images on these products. Now, though, let’s look at what all those products are.

Nancy’s Novelty Photos Are Available On

OK, that’s enough about photos on Pixels for now!

At Last, Let’s Talk About

How #vss365 #prompts Work – for Your Daily Enjoyment!

Just scroll fast to This Week’s #vss365 Samples if you already know how #vss365 #prompts work. yellow smiley face with red hearts of love

#vss365 #prompts Start on  Twitter

Twitter icon for #vss365 #prompt

The facilitator on Twitter gives us a mind-exercising word #prompt that we are to use in creating poetry or prose.

The prompts get our creative juices flowing and help us start each day with something deliciously new to contemplate.

It is also a great way to keep your brain active and healthy.

purple hashtag for #vss365 #prompt by Pete Linforth So, I hope more of you will join us in the

  • #vss365 (which means ‘very short stories – 365 days a year’)
  • #prompt  (the word you use when you create a Twitter-sized response in poetry or prose) 

challenges on Twitter!

All Are Welcome To Play With #vss365

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya for #vss365

Nancy’s “Best Cattleya” from Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products (I loved this orchid.)

Some of us need to be reminded of tropical-style beauty on cold winter days and nights. Thus, I’m going to use this image for my bullet points below. My purpose for including more of my Pixels images is to trigger your imagination with respect – not only to my photos and products – but to ones you might choose to create for yourself in the future.  Click Here to get this image of Nancy Ayanna Wyatt’s “Best Cattleya” Orchid from Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels.

#vss365 #prompt challenges are for everyone – from people who never have written poems or prose before – all the way to real Pros!

Just ~

Put on your writing clothes. 

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya tank top for #vss365 Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya on t-shirt for #vss365

Get your tea or coffee. 

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattley coffee mug for #vss365

Grab your writing tote bag

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya weekender tote bag for #vss365

Find your spiral notebook and your phone if you use it to post,

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya on a spiral notebook for #vss365

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya mobile phone cover for #vss365Go to the special place that you’ve reserved for writing.

desktop set up for writing #vss365 #prompts by Kevin Phillips

...and then let’s get started!  

(I post from a pc – it’s so much easier on the eyes!)

#vss365 Tips

A Side Bar to Help With Time Management

Love Birds Spiral NotebookI have a different-cover notebook (from my Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products) for each kind of writing project, so I can find them fast without reading anything to know what’s in there!

The Organizing Principle

This uses the same principle as color-coding file folders and labels to promote efficiency and save time. (You don’t have to use my goodies, of course, but thank you if you do!)

The cover clues me as to what’s in each. For example, “quotes,” or “research snippets about an XYZ subject” or “#vss365 #prompt,” “notes for a winter sports documentary,” “romance novel concepts,” or “WIP#3,” etc.

Benefits of Being a Guest Contributor - start writing in this purple spiral notebook

Using different subject matter notebooks was a tip for aging minds.smiley face laughing and pointing at the humorous statement.


Missing You Now spiral notebook for #vss365

Missing You Now spiral notebook for #vss365 holiday pieces

Powder Blue Let it Snow spiral notebook for #vss365

Powder Blue Let it Snow spiral notebook for #vss365 poems about winter

Expand Your Mind Spiral Notebook for #vss365

Expand Your Mind Spiral Notebook for #vss365 esoteric or new technology projects

Snowmen hear, see, say no evil spiral notebook for #vss365

snowmen hear, see, & say no evil on a spiral notebook for quotes

From Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels - a crimson cattleya on a spiral notebook

Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) on spiral notebooks available in my Collections of Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products.

A mug of Stylized African Women from Nancy's Novelty Photos on Pixels

To help me get into the mood for writing, I often match my notebooks with mugs and tote bags.

Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) mugs (2 sizes) available in my Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels collections.

I can “lug all my writing stuff around with ease.”

Then, I put all my writing stuff into a tote bag of the same style, so I can find everything fast and get to work! If I want to include my laptop in the collection of tools, I use a “weekender” tote bag. Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) weekender tote bags in Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels.  Smaller tote bags also are available here.

Writer Weekender Tote Bag featuring the mixed media I Write Daily by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

I keep the pens, pencils, sticky notes, page tabs, etc. in one of the zip carry-all pouches. Here is a link where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) on zip carry pouches in Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels. 

Writer Carry-all Pouch featuring the mixed media The Writer's Process by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt and Engin Akyurt

If I want to give items as gifts, I add a matching greeting card. Here is your link for Greeting Cards.

Examples –

LoveBirds for you Romance Novelists and

Missing You Now for Holiday Loved Ones.

Love Birds Spiral Notebook

(Note: you can change background colors and image sizes.)

Missing You Now Christmas Mug

Tote Bags and Carry Pouches

In case you want to keep all your writing stuff in one place and take it with you, here are 3 links where you can find all the (over 500 designs and counting) matching or mixed on tote bags, weekender tote bags, and zip carry pouches.

Tote Bags Great for a variety of things and some devices will fit in these. (2 sizes)

coffee and chocolate tote bag for #vss365

Wanna Include Your Laptop?

Get a “Double-wide” Weekender Tote Bag.

Weekender Tote Bags

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya weekender tote bag for #vss365

Rocky Mountains in Fall by Nancy Wyatt and David Mark weekender tote bag for #vss365 Blazing Sunset on the Beach weekender tote bag for #vss365 AND

Zip Carry Pouches – from Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels products. 3 Sizes. Great for pens, tissues, staplers, staple removers, cough drops, sticky notes, small notepads …. whatever.

Nancy Wyatt's Best Cattleya zip pouch for #vss365Soup's On - Fall/Winter Healthy Squash Soup #vss365

More #vss365 Hints

Best Cattleya facemask by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt for #vss365


You can write something humorous, elegant, scary, or abstruse – whatever you want to do will work! So, get your coffee and join us!

Orchid Greeting Card featuring the photograph Best Cattleya by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

greeting card

People don’t usually do this, but you may submit more than one entry per #prompt word.

Orchid Fleece Blanket featuring the photograph Best Cattleya by Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

Fleece Blanket. Also on shower curtains and towels, duvet covers and throw pillows, + wall art/tapestries.

Adding photos is not a requirement. However, I love color and images, so I usually choose to use them, unless no photo could depict what I wrote (like on esoteric and spiritual topics).

stick figure using computer for training sessionYou don’t have to respond immediately. You have the whole day to figure out what you want to post.

Also, you can have the prompts emailed to you daily if you wish.

Meet Other Writers Online and Join the Communities

illustration of worldwide crowd and continents by Gerd Altmann

If you add #writingcommunity, #amwriting, and/or #poetrycommunity to your post, you can meet writers of all genres who may see your work. I find them to be very supportive of one another.

#vss365 hashtag symbol made of pencils by Eric BinderThis Week’s #vss365 Samples
Followed by More Things You Can Do and How You Can Ask Questions

November 14, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #resolve

(I added #pain, given my response topic, and added the “footnote” at the top, “I’m not really into rhymes, so I’m just playing here.”)

Constant pain erodes my #resolve

To age gracefully and not devolve

I work out my mind so I’ll evolve

And engage with friends I like to involve

Even as the pain continues to revolve.


Nothing absolves me from trying.

November 15, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #plume #haiku

Its beauty haunts me,

So, I chose this nom de plume.

As “Peacock,” I pen.

images of a white peacock for #vss365

November 16, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #normalize #tanka

Americans must

Regroup and prioritize,

As the Golden Rule

Actually is Karma.

If we do not normalize,

Democracy will be lost.

American flag by Alexas Fotos for #vss365

November 17, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #neighbor

He cannot see me. Classical, Meditation, African, Country, Jazz, Chinese, Blues, Zen, plus Digeridoo Music all waft to my #neighbor’s ears, Making him wonder who AM I! It matters in his culture wars. He’ll have to find an excuse to look.

treble clef musical notes by Mohamed Hassan for #vss365


November 18, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #shame

I joined to serve my country
And felt great pride in my uniform
I was ready!
But, as we stalked the countryside
           Burning villages and shooting kids
       Who might have bombs,
               All I felt was #shame.
And, now – all these years later –
It’s still very hard to find Me.
war veteran with PTSD in counseling for #vss365 #shame

PTSD Counseling

November 19, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #consult

Do you consult stars,

People with great expertise,

Family and friends?

Opinions are like noses,

And everybody has one.

same as text + Trust Your Intuition - It's Your Soul Talking

November 20, 2021

#vss365 #prompt #kind

At a stoplight in Washington, D.C., I saw the inevitable homeless person panhandling for money. As I handed him $5, I spoke #kind words and patted his arm. His eyes filled with tears even as he smiled. He said no one had touched him for 5 years. It mattered more than the money.

photo of a homeless person in worn-out clothes panhandling for money. His sign says, "Once I was like you." by Myriam's Fotos

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Other #Prompt Challenges

There are SEVERAL fascinating and fun word challenges in which you can participate, regardless of your skill level! Let’s grow together!

As you can see, I created a logo for my weekly posts in the category #vss365 (#veryshortstories #365 days a year). This is the logo I’ll use when sharing my responses to that challenge. (BTW, if you click on the picture just below, it will take you to a whole page of details about #vss365 prompts.)

gold wrapped chocolates, a pink rose, and a coffee cup with the words #vss365 #prompts

However, I also participate in some other brain-teasing word challenges that you can join as well. If I’m sharing several of my posts to those sites, like I’m doing for the #vss365 #prompts, I’ll use similar logos, like these. The writing on the coffee cup will tell you which challenge the posts used.

gold wrapped chocolates, a pink rose, and a coffee cup with the words#Haiku #Trantra #Senrya #promptsgold wrapped chocolates, a pink rose, and a coffee cup with the words#MoveMePoetryBattle

When I create those posts, I’ll give more details about their specific requirements. Meanwhile, you can check them out, as follows: BraveWrite | Haiku (and other Japanese poetry forms) | Move Me Poetry Battle…(formerly known as Poetry Battle Friday #PBF).



Move Me Poetry has instituted a new feature in which people read one another’s poems on video and share them with credit to the author. I LOVE it! Discovered it “after the fact” though, so I’m just sharing the “handle” you can use to find them on Twitter. #MMPkickabout.

Do You Want To Be A Guest Contributor to My Website?

Join over 8,000 users on this site and keep reading to get some other ideas, including about being a Guest Contributor for #vss365 and #Haiku poetry. It is just a nice way in which we can share our work with more people and, perhaps, gain more followers.

Nancy invites guest contributions

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If you want to be a Guest Contributor to my website for #vss365 or for #Haiku work, Click Here for details, and we can talk about it. (You keep the copyright; I simply have permission to publish on this website.)

#vss365 Guest Contributor Options

Logo for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC #vss365To get comfortable with the challenges and my website and to see only the #Vss365 #prompt posts in one place on this website, Click Here. It will give you “the rules” plus lots of examples to kickstart your imaginings. Of course, you can stop here, or…

Click Here to learn about the benefits of submitting some of your work as a guest contributor. (Again, you keep the copyright. We just agree that I may post the work on my website.)

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Sip & Share Session re #vss365Just email me at #MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail. com. and put “Inquiry – Infographics”  (or whatever you want to talk about) in the subject line.

In the Meantime,
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Nancy’s Novelty Presentation Infographics

for Speakers and  Event Coordinators

Infographics The Dahlia Collection pink and white flower announcing a break My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

Nancy’s Novelty Presentation Infographics for Speakers, Trainers, and Event Coordinators for Conferences, Retreats, and Training Sessions. These work beautifully on Zoom or in person, and as slides, table displays, and part of the handouts.

You don’t have to use a PowerPoint presentation to use them, but they are easily inserted into PowerPoint.

Nancy's Novelty Presentation Infographics coffee and breakfast

Breakfast On Your Own – One of Many Nancy’s Novelty Presentation Infographics

  • Since I am a public speaker and conduct classes and consultations, I felt the need to use infographics to announce breaks, instructions for break-out sessions, and more, so I created these inexpensive collections to benefit others, as well.
  • Most themes have several individual “slides” that can be bought separately or as a collection.
  • These can be used online or in person.
  • People who have used them came back for more! Some also asked me to customize infographics for them.
  • Here are some quick samples. As you can see, there are different themes correlated to the kind of group that is holding an event.

Nancy's Novelty Infographics Coffee Break Time

Nancy's Novelty Infographics Sleeping Baby Break Time slide

business infographics - Welcome to the Waiting Roombusiness infographics - tech difficulties

infographics about putting comments and questions in the Chat box

business infographics - stay muted

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Again, you can always contact me for a free, initial consultation to get details about anything I present. It’s called a Sip & Share Session on Zoom, and I’ll set it up for us. Easy Peasy.

Sip & Share Session re #vss365Just email #MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail. com and put “Inquiry – Infographics”  (or whatever you want to talk about) in the subject line. To see more samples first, Click Here.

BACK TO: Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels I’ll Teach You!

 You Can Do This Also!

Nancy (Ayanna) Wyatt

Put Your Images on Pixels Products

More Ideas

Yes, you could use your logo or book cover as photos on Pixels. A related concept is to create these images on Pixels for a few of your individual poems or #vss prose versus solely for your “business” as a writer. I can think of a couple of options:

  1. post a picture on Twitter with your poem and use that picture on Pixels products, or
  2. place either the poem as a stand-alone – or the poem with a picture on Pixels products.

Click Here to learn ALL the details on my website.

Fine Art America / Pixels Keeps Adding Goodies!

(I call my images “Nancy’s Novelty Photos … (followed by the image or collection name.”) You can click on “Click Here to Purchase” right below the scrolling pictures, to look over the entire collections, and make purchases there.

This link shows all the most up-to-date images for Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels Products. They show up here as “artwork,” but the images are on all the products listed way, way above.

Fine Art America | aka Pixels adds new items periodically. Most recently, they added “ornaments” to the collections. You get to select your markup on the items, and Pixels is kind enough to make recommendations regarding the current market rate.

When you join Pixels, it gives you a webpage in which to display and sell your products. There is a free version and a VERY INEXPENSIVE higher version if you expect to do a lot of posts. As mentioned, Pixels does all the financial, manufacturing, and distribution work. You simply provide the images that you own or have the licensure rights to use for commercial purposes. You also do your own advertising.

Again, you can do this, too, even if you just want to do it a few times for your friends and family to see. Don’t forget to click on the link I gave you if you want to learn more.

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Sip & Share Logo

Again, you can always contact me for a free, initial consultation to get details about anything I present. Just email me at MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail. com. Put “Inquiry – Photos on Pixels” – or whatever your interest is –  in the subject line.

Nancy’s Novelty Memes & Quotes

Similarly, I make memes, often using quotes, that people may purchase inexpensively. Click Here to learn more. (I occasionally include some of these in Nancy’s Novelty Photos on Pixels also for people who would like them on t-shirts, mugs, spiral notebooks, or posters, etc.)


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Once more, you can always contact me for a free, initial consultation to get details about anything I present. Just email me at #MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail. com. and put “Inquiry – Memes” in the subject line.

Writing/Editing, Public Speaking, Classes, and Consultations

I hope you’re having fun with #vss365 #prompts and that you’ll join us on Twitter. For other kinds of writing services and tipsClick Here.

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I do so many things – from writing and editing services, to teaching and training and holistic healing services. You can always contact me for a free, initial consultation to get details about anything I present. To talk about classes, consultations, and/or writing and editing projects, email me at MyPersuasivePresentations@gmail.com. Put “Inquiry” plus your topic into the subject line.

Sip & Share Session re #vss365Click on the Sip & Share picture to learn more.

I look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, …

Do It The Write Way! Let My Fingers Do Your Talking!

Logo for My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

About Nancy Ayanna Wyatt

In addition to being a writer/editor, creator of infographics, and a highly engaging presenter and trainer, I am an ethical, energetic, and multi-faceted manager, demonstrably successful in directing human and financial resource allocation, contract administration, policies and procedures development, and supervisory functions. I have managed diverse departments, ranging from business offices to police, to name only two, while working for multi-national corporations, non-profits, higher education, state government, and small businesses. I have created extensive procedures, manuals, and training programs. I use the Internet, MS Office Suite, and presenter software. I have created 3 Word Press websites "from scratch." I sell photos on merchandise at https://pixels.com/profiles/nancyayanna-wyatt. My earned reputation is for fair play and for keeping people informed at all levels. I am praised often for my communication skills, which include listening, public speaking, writing and editing, training, and interpersonal relationships with people of all ages, cultures and hierarchical levels. An example of a presentation is "How To Start A Business," for which I provide extensive notes in English and Spanish. https://mypersuasivepresentations.com/classes-how-to-start-business/. Seminars on many topics may be booked through my website or by calling me. You also may hire me to create/and or present new teaching or training projects!

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